CIA director: "Confident" Chinese government is mulling lethal aid for Russia

CIA Director Bill Burns said that he is “confident that the Chinese leadership is considering the provision of lethal equipment” to Russia in its war against Ukraine.

Driving the news: “We also don’t see that a final decision has been made yet, and we don’t see evidence of actual shipments of lethal equipment,” Burns told CBS News.

The big picture: Beijing has not condemned Russia’s invasion and China’s military, economic and political ties with Russia — one year after its invasion of Ukraine — continue to deepen, Axios’ Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian reports.

[li]The U.S. has previously said that Beijing was considering sending direct lethal military aid to Russia, but there had not been evidence that any had been sent. [/li][/ul]
What he’s saying: Burns also said that it “would be a very risky and unwise bet” for China to transfer lethal aid to Russia.

[li]“I think the Chinese [government is] also trying to weigh the consequences of, you know, what the concerns we’ve expressed are, you know, about providing lethal equipment,” Burns said, per CBS News. [/li][/ul]
National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan alsosaid Sunday that the Biden administration had not seen evidence of China providing Russia with lethal assistance in its war.

[li]“We’re continuing to watch. We’ll stay vigilant as President Biden said, but so far, we haven’t seen it,” Sullivan said on NBC News’ Meet the Press. [/li][li]“I don’t think it is in China’s interest to do this,” Sullivan added.[/li][li][ATTACH=full]497861[/ATTACH][/li]

isnt the US doing the same for ukraine? ama its only bad if one side does it… usishtuke kupata American companies supply ammunition to both sides…

Even more comical, US and Russia are possibly just doing business the way they have always done - create an opportunity (in this case, war), then sell your weapons and auxiliary supplies. When people realize that these two are more of business partners than enemies, it will be a great awakening. An example is how France and the US have been fighting over territories but are still allies. The “Rwanda Genocide” is the best example. The US trained and used Kagame to change Rwanda into an Anglophone country. France lost and backed away. A genocide hyped as an event during which nearly 1m people died, yet records can trace less than 300k deaths. Genocide still, but fully instigated by a US-trained Kagame who is then used to attack Congo and rip it of resources like Coltan and Gold. Rwanda has no known industrial-scale mine of coltan despite random almost-commercial deposits, but is somehow something like the 3rd biggest exporter of the same globally.

Hehehehe, hapa Ukraine ilijiingiza, yaani opening scene ya USA vs China war is happening in their soil kila mtu anajua proxy war ya two rich nations can easily go for decades. And the fact that China has eclipsed Russia at the world stage is now clear, yaani Russia has become a proxy for Chinkus

the arms industry is bigger than drugs… hizi wars are money-making horses for the secretive 1 percent… the idea is to put guns in peasant hands and trade mining rights, control, influence… presidents and leaders are just pawns

Kabisa! US’s large families are financing wars just to enhance their businesses. Akina Lockheed, Osh Kosh, Black Water, Raytheon and others are just the faces that we can see doing the supplies and dirty work. The real faces are the families that run Wall Street together with akina Vanguard and Blackrock.


China inapeana satellite intelligence