Two kenyan leaders who have chosen to auction their own people, and used their positions to work for multinational parasitic capitalistic organisations, are leaving today for the United States, where they will receive their cut and commissions for the work they have done for Washington in the last two years.

Magufuli chose a different route, standing with the people, working for the citizens, and his trusted servants of the people have been banned from traveling to the US.

Unuru and Raila are the local representatives of our colonizers

I wouldn’t call them assets, but independent contractors. Assets work for the flag, ICs work for the purse. CIA assets work as operatives. When they wash out they work for private military companies like Blackwater and Executive Outcomes.

Not true. Tanzanians have not been banned from travelling to US. What Trump did was to remove TZ from the list of countries that can participate in the green card lottery.

Makosa yao Ni gani

Am talking about specific people in Magufuli’s government

But even here we had Amos Wako banned from US. So what’s your point?

:meffi::meffi: ulongo


Not CIA assets. Just silly dudes.

Not silly. They are in business. 2022 business. That’s why they need the CIA.

he said he know those who have the say, they are going to lobby deep state for support now that their plan isn’t working.