Churchill show

So Rapcha the sayantist is so irked that churchill put up a paybill for people to donate money that will go towards Ayeiya’s family. Hii nchi kila mtu is either riding on someone’s back or is about to.[MEDIA=twitter]856073744674107392[/MEDIA]

Does churchill force them to be on his show? Well, I believe he does give them good exposure but its up to them to exploit it and move on to bigger things after a year or so

How much are they paid? Kiuliso tu

Hiyo ni platform ya mtu kutumia kujijengea jina, once umeunda jina tafuta adds ama a media job vile Chipukezy, Erico walifanya. Lakini mtu akikaa tu huko na analia nabkucomplain analipwa doo kiasi then he is a lazy mofo.

I believe something that ensures they will never attain escape velocity.
In physics, escape velocity is the
minimum speed needed for an object
to escape from the gravitational
influence of a massive body (Churchill).

Na pocket change and Exposure nikidhani. But if someone thinks he/she has outgrown the stable anafaa aende ajitafutie gigs zake

Pewa tatu kwa bill yangu, umeongea kaa njuri ncheke ukiwa peke yako

Ni bidii ya mtu pale…however I believe Rapcha is onto something. Dont trash him yet…and. …I would like to see those contracts btn churchill and comedians alongside the show’s financial books. Who is with me?:cool::cool:

Last time i checked, if uki onekana kwa churchhill raw on thursday kwa tv, unalipwa 2k. (Game yako bado iko chini!!)
Na ukionekana kwa churchill show on sunday, 4k haugwesi complain!!!

Churchill is robbing those mofo’s blind.

Correct me if am wrong …We saw Juacali grow into something invaluable at Calif, so much that he symbolizes Calif Records… He now probably owns more than a 50% stake at the recording company …

My point: If you outgrow your stable you have enough muscle to demand a bigger piece of the cake

The comedians should pay Churchill for giving them publicity

Jua Cali ni co-founder wa Calif

Damn 2k?? No wonder yule mpandre hakujangi. Like wamesema hapo juu. Show ni ya kutumiwa as a stepping stone to greater things .In fact ni poa ulipwe hio 2k ili usiingie comfort zone.

Waah Hata mtu wa mkono wa mjei ako na pesa kuwashinda.

All factors considered ,this is just capitalism . We shall never bridge the gap between the rich and the poor if we continue paying our citizens peanuts and the owner goes away with millions.
Platform or not, talent should be paid for, this show is not a dingy start up for the artists,it’s an established show already.
Not all the artists can break away , some will be there for a while, and while they are there they should be paid for their talent.

If they think they have an idea to swim on their own, why not leave! Raptcha tells it as it is. For one to leave, fact is a rough patch awaits till your niche is recognized in the industry, Churchill hakuanza jana, to envy him is pathetic at best.

So wale wasee wa kumatch wanagawa hio 4k mara sita… Oi… Heri uweke bets sport mbesha.

Are you related to ngite?

4k for a 10min performance? Once a week? Sounds like a good deal. How many people do you think make a 1k in a day?

Iko wale walijaribu na waka hata step like Teacher Wanjiku, Her show was a flop I doubt ata ka ilenda past 1 episode