Church Membership Ratios

Down South they have great Church Membership Ratios between the Men and Women faithful …


I wonder , …
Are all those Women Married …??? :D:D:D

Women tend to be more religious than men

Banae! Nikaland huko mwogo itajikunja.

Hio novelty ya kuingiza religious women box huisha haraka sana

I wonder WHY … ??? :D:D

Its prophecy!

Psalms 68:11

"Jehovah gives the command; The women proclaiming the good news are a large army."

Women are easier to be emotionally swayed. It’s why most adverts target them too. And why they can fall deep into religion

hapo nimeona nyama musoori sana…these church women worship them pastors like demi-gods…wanakuliwa mbaya sana…wakisukumiwa holy tree-nity.

very very true.

…" …And ye shall know them by their Fruits…" … :D:D:D