church marriage waste of time and resources

morning ninjaz and chicks soooo a weekend ago my friend got married in a church, I attended it as usual koz I actual invested in the church wedding he borrowed stack of cash from me (50,000) well as an invested you need to know what he will do with the cash.
the wedding was colourful flash looked nice and super expensive was impressed, the ladies dressed to kill dude rolled with there tux all was well till it hit me what the fuck is the use of this wedding then next day it will al be a memory but your loans will be on you like the devil hooked on soul cocaine
my ninja pal smiled all the way but I knw deep in him he knws he is fucked he is never coming out off this loan in one piece. soooo here is the issue I have with wedoz you pay shit loads of cash as dowry yes you actual buy a woman and then call it appreciation hahahaa bs to the fullest then you plan a wedo that cost you heavy and bring all your pals in to chip in to fund you and none of your pals will chip in when your banging your bride WTF
I gave this ninja 50,000 for his wedo and I never get to bang his wife how the fuck is this thing helpful to me but as a friend and the money being a loan to him,aaaa whaat the heck and then wedo night women talk of it like its a special night forgetting this motherfuckers once bang in my house or maybe all this hype of wedo night he is getting a proper anal sex I don’t knw hmmmmm that would be an eye opener hahahaha
all in all wedo is load of crap if I were to get married I would take my bride to the AG pay 2000 yes its that cheap buy kc coconut bring in two friend and walaaa ur sign they sign your make a fucked up speech and hit the sack back at home and the next day you have no loan no stress no issue your happy shez happy you still got money to save up for a house and land you are free and have an in-house pussy that you have already paid for and it legal hahaha



Weeding=Removing weeds.


just write in Kiswahili, or kimeru tutaelewa


hahaha autocorrection messing me up

We get the point. A paragraph would have have been sufficient. Hii kelelele yote yawa! Thanks for wasting 3 minutes of my life. Meffi.


nyangau palilia mahindi polepole


Ama angeifanya kama zile debate za high school.
‘Why a church wedding isn’t better than an AG wedding’.


Thank God sikusoma

punguza umama

Am idle the whole of today, tukutane Bee Centre nikununulie pombe na nyama alafu nikupige RKO.


Harrys tavern iko sawa chief .


Kesho napita kwenu nikipekeka mtoto St. Brigid’s




Its called a church wedding not church marriage you sic mafak


A church wedding is the white man’s traditional wedding…


mkubwa why go to Bee centre when Harry’s is right there? napitia huko jioni

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If you plan to spend 1K on KC coconut, that is still unaffordable for some. Kama wewe ni peasant, lenga kukopa to do a wdding. Kama uko na pesa, do whatever you wish.
Lakini pia machungu peleka kule ------------->>> [SIZE=1]Coz ni kama unalike wife ya beste yako[/SIZE]

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lakini apo kwa ndoa ya kanitha ni ukweli…waste of $$…unless nitatoa hao bridesmaids anal virginity in addition to kamuaring the wife

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Mimi sielewi unasema nini !

your welcome meffi