Church Building Fund

Mbona kanisa huwa na building fund na si ati kanisa yenyewe haijajengwa? Sadaka yote tunatoa inaenda wapi? Please nijibu.

unataka Pastor akule nini… pia awatombee mabibi na nini


Wee jenga kanisa wacha maswali mingi

Kwani wewe ni mtu wa PCEA Tena?Nakumulika.

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After completing the church,
You fund raise for the pastors house,
Then car,
Then office,
Then nursery school,
Then lower primary,
Then upper primary,
Then increase classes to two streams,
Then buy a shamba to transfer the now big school,
Then buy another to build a secondary school,
Then a college,
Then a university…

Heck you will die and they will still be fundraising for building this or that project.


Which church ?

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Start considering church as a business like i do.

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They are not at @Liberty to say.

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hii swali ungeuliza Pastor wako. Na @Acoustic alipotelea wapi

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Today my church, the Mary Seat of Wisdom Catholic Parish next to Masinde Muliro University Kakamega read a budget for the students for their upcoming September semester. They need 1.6 million for:

  • a fence for the father’s home (which is already within the fenced church compound)
  • new pews (justifiable)
  • church generator
  • church projector (not necessary at all)
  • renovation of lavatories (which had been constructed at 0.6m and are rarely used coz all worshippers come from two steps away from the church)
  • can’t remember the other items because they were not important really

And then the development chair lady went ahead to apportion/impose the budget to the students and teaching staff:

  • Each student at least 500 bob
  • Each teaching staff (they’re about 10 who attend often) at least 10,000 each
  • Each leader of bible study group (they’re very many but all students) at least 2000 each
  • Father 50,000 (I considered this humor)
  • and then a harambee will be done shortly after opening in October to get the remaining funds (mark you it will be after elections, so no politicians, plus 90% of the members of the church and those who will attend the harambee are the same students)

How is a student supposed to survive this cost of faith? Ata kama HELB ni 60k?

And ujue every week kuna student bible study meetings that collect sadaka and report kwa church on Sunday kwa announcements.

And on top of that wanapanga rallies to some other universities and places to “bond and grow each other spiritually”.

Lastly, the student is still expected to pay sadaka every week and sometime kuna double collection for some impromptu activity.

Yaani student anakamuliwa left, right, and center all in the name of being a faithful. Then people wonder why students have deteriorating morals. They have to hack it to remain part of the church.


AtĂ­ hwot?:eek:

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Hii ni ya gicagi. I have never even attended it. My pledge of 10k was made on my behalf without my knowledge. Goat eating style.

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that is extortion na ukikataa kutoa?

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Church ni biz msee…mpaka yesu arudi

Fungu la kumi mimi na familia yangu hutoa,harambee yeyote siwezi,kwa matanga natoa contributions ,currently niko na mbili lakini harambee siendi.

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Hakunanga bible study kwa catho wacha kutuenjoy wewe

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Hehe don’t argue, hii catholic huwa na close to 20 different bible study groups that meet every week. About 5-10 students each depending on where they live.

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For someone like me who goes to church occasionally, naeza kosa kutoa. But for the many devoted people who are members of the different bible study groups the pressure amongst themselves (to not let the group down) is usually real.

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This is the quickest way to lose congegants. Hata ile faith kidogo inapotea.

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