Chura Airtime

Has anyone had any experience with these guys? Do they have an app?

I have been using their site to buy airtime from Mpesa to an Airtel line for about 1year, and you only wait for 1min for the transaction to complete after following the procedure. I’ve never heard of their app.

excellent! what charges are associated with the transaction - e.g. using mpesa to buy Kshs. 100 airtel credit - and how do you imagine they make their money?

i use it to exchange airtime to cash(Mpesa), also try dbskenya. com

This smells like another wiseman scam.


No charges involved while purchasing airtime for other networks via Mpesa. They offer many services, some are free and others they charge a small fee. Visit their site for more infomation or tweet them @chura_co_ke if you’re on tweeter.

used it for turning credit to cash its okay

typical kenyan…

wiseman wasn’t a scam

I used chur back in the day. No charges then. They actually gave me bonus airtime. They’ve won international awards too.

I’m used to buying airtime for any line from. Mpesa through pesapal paybill number 220220 and I’m okay with the service

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this is a credible company and was even featured in the east african Times, daily nation, standard… just to name a few. No scam here…they also have PayPal withdrawal and their transactions are automated. Si ile kamjamaa kako na calculator on the other side…

Am wondering under what circumstances will I be in a need of airtel airtime to an extent of buyimg it online while I can while I still have safcom

so someone can change airtime to cash…do you need bm app or?

Kununua airtime ya airtel inakuanga hustle kwangu, duka nyingi hazina, plus ni kazi kwenda kutafuta