Chupilee To Blame For Ruining Economy -How does a 72 Year old drive long distance buses?RIP Mzee

Jubilee is terrible but I don’t see how this is related

CHOCHINA unasumbua

Rest In Peace Omwami.

People must work till they die??? With all the jobless youths you cant say that the bus couldnt have been driven by an energetic youngin. A 72 yo man driving an overloaded bus at night is a clear indicator of the grinding poverty Kenyans are in, even renewing insurance is a big problem.

mzee had 50 yrs experience

Si ungetafutia reach husband hio kazi

How is Jubilee to blame here? [COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]@Geogina Makena?

I hope @admin has measured your leash correctly this time.
So you don’t go shitting on everything like you got so used to.

weeee bwana! post zile mrefu mrefu.
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And out of that heap of twisted metal and shattered glass he came out unscathed? Ohhhh I know, let’s blame Jubilee for letting the mzee survive!!

He is actually 75

Old people have a right of living, earning their daily bread and pursuing life’s passions. Young people too have caused many deadly accidents. Therefore, age-ism on that basis alone, is wrong. Rather you had said his poor vision or a medical issue was to blame. Hata wewe utazeeka and you wouldn’t like people to hate you just for being old.

Wazee oyee…

[SIZE=2]how old are you [ATTACH=full]200376[/ATTACH][/SIZE]

so jubilee ndio ilifanya aoe 4 wives na apate watoto 20?

Old enough. :slight_smile: It depends on how well you keep yourself. There are 72 year olds who look 50 and vice versa.

Lazima kila kunguru apate voucher banaa…unataka wakaukiwe tu hivo bro?

25 children he left behind. 3 boys 22 daughters. Huyo ni African jogoo.

Madam Speaker just look at this guy frankly, hata hawezi changamka akipigwa picha. Is this not abuse of elders? A 10 hour drive at night in a bus in poor condition which is overloaded. I struggle driving at night so I cant imagine this guy . Anyway, my point was that people at this age should not be doing such grueling work because they cant afford to retire. Why else would such a guy be doing such work for equally paltry pay if not that he cant afford to retire. You and I can afford a neat retirement to pursue hobbies and other interest by 50 but most Kenyans must work until they become completely incapacitated which isnt how it should be. Im not ageist as I know age is a gift from God even those who make fun of other peoples aging are not assured of reaching those ages theyre making fun of. My point is and will remain that anybody over 50 should not have to work because they just cant afford to retire because their entire life they could only afford to live hand to mouth. Like the housekeeper I had who was so old and am like asking him what he did when he was young, alikuwa baharia, but now in his old age he is so poor he has to be a housekeeper or some menial work. All because we are a country with no social security. No safety net for our elders. Such a man should have been in bed with his wife not trying to navigate terrain all night at 78. This is a very big shame for a country that prides itself in being more developed than its counterparts in the region.