chupi~ree developments

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wapunguze stima tunaumia sana. bills zimedouble

Worldwide wind power costs more than Geothermal,hydro or nuclear or natural gas powered turbines
In fact the price of power will go up. Remember Geothermal tuliambiwa costs will go down

Hii project is and was a boondoggle and scam from the word go and will remain so forever.
Wind power and solar are the worst forms of energy to try and use in a national grinds, and more so very expensive.
90% of the woes facing KETRACO was passed to the Rogue spanish companies that went bankrupt but did not want to accept thereby dragging the project completion time lines.
The spanish compnies Isolux Iberdolora etc. have caused a lot pain to the poor kenyan taxpayers.
Reason enough to be careful with the western countries when given them projects.

why is it expensive…i thought the wind runs the turbines…and the process goes on…au

95 comms with error!?

Yes, wind and solar cannot be base power. But if we can eliminate use of hizo generators za akina aggreko, well and good

Hapo umeongea ukweli…especially on western countries contractors. Right now, Ketraco is in arbitration with Iberdrolla and Inabensa both are spanish companies. What i can say for sure, the govt. through ketraco will loose in such a big big way! The contractors had read and undestood their contract very very well and they had priced their BoQs with termination in mind. As usual, the govt officers understood less than 50% of the contract…after all, they had copy pasted the contract from a previous project…