Chuma Cha Reli-Putin defies rumors about his health by dipping into freezing waters in -17C temperatures

Vladimir Putin has defied rumours about the state of his health by taking a dip in icy waters near Moscow to mark the Orthodox Epiphany.
The 68-year-old Russian president looked fit and healthy in tight blue swimming trunks as he dunked in a pool, repeatedly crossing himself, in footage released today.
He was taking part in an annual ritual undertaken by millions of Russians at a time of year when the air temperature sits around -17C (1.4F).
This is a tradition. He doesn’t betray traditions,’ spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, referring to the centuries-old practice among Russian Orthodox Christians of cutting holes to immerse themselves in icy lakes and rivers on the day Jesus Christ was baptised in the River Jordan.


Arror atafanya io bila matatizo. competitors wake hawawezi. a presidential candidate should be physically and mentally fit

Kwani there were rumours about his illness. Hiyo ni ujinga tupu. The man has rebuilt and modernized Russia industry. Paid back all Yeltsin era debts to the west. Rearm Russia military with new advance weaponry, assets, formations and equipments. He has now completed the $15 billion oil and gas pipeline to China to diversify market away from reliance on Europe. A new direct gas and oil pipeline to Germany is set for completion this year. He has fully rebuilt its foreign affairs network globally and its spy networks are back at its prime. He is challenging usa expansions all over the world.

Now i understand why they wish he was ill. The next phases of modernization this decade will restore Russia back to USSR level dominance.


The guy is ill, he probably pumped himself with some elixir for that short stunt. his hand and fingers are shaky.

Respek to the HOD of chama chetu cha Alpha Male Association

If the air temperature is (- 17°C) why has the water not solidify? Or what am I missing?

Konyagi one anaweza vunjika kama kioo !

that is nicely warm bath water. why would putin kill himself to please nobodies.

Short guys syndrome… always trying to prove themselves…

Get in the sea

They can add an anti-freeze compound to the water and ensure it remains a liquid way far below freezing point. Hukufanya physics ama chemistry?

Too bad I didn’t think about that

Now you know