Christmas cleaning

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Huyo dem no. 6 (in white dress), nakula raw choirmaster aimbe luwere

Mahali nimefika na mtoi mmoja, ata siwezi fikiria mambo ya dry fry saa hii

I thought wewe ni birrionaire hunanga hizi shinda za peasants about worrying where the next plate of Ugali itatoka

Kids are very stressful. It’s not about money but kids wanasumbua, especially when they are still babies. Like mtoto kulia Inthe middle of the night and you slept late and you are supposed to be at work early in the morning. Pia wanataka kubebwa Kila saa to the point you can’t get any work done while at home

It’s not about the next plate of ugali. Stress ya mtoi ni major. Then mimi I am honest with myself. I can afford one small family. A baby mama would put me in financial issues

Fixed price

No 24 nakula dryfry

What of number 9

you are just a thirsty idiot if you fall for this photoshop nonsense

hata wewe uliuza smokies university while your dad was vp? fucking waste of space. fuck off with these photoshoped shit.

Tell Rexfisi these are the BITCHES we like

Shit hit the fan? Pole mkuu


Retarded kama kapantie

And please be informed that these are the BBBWs that I Like … :D:D




[SIZE=5]Ms: Rehema is not too bad[/SIZE] … … :D:D