Christians are the biggest Sex offenders

While Muslims are the biggest pretenders when it comes to taking lives, Christians are the biggest Sex offenders in the Globe

What do we do, with this so “informative” statement ??

Go brush your teeth

Religion…covid…huduma namba…zote ni scam

We humans and sinners.
But God requirement of forgiveness we have attained, the blood sacrifice.

I want to rape you.

There are people who label themselves Christian as a formality, and there are those who are Christians in spirit as in the biblical sense. Your statement maybe applies to the former but not the latter

I’ll be the devil’s advocate kiasi… atleast they don’t fuck animals

There’s a reason why the god of Islam, Allah aka satan has promised a heaven of eternal sex orgies. A so called paradise where men never lose their erection (it’s in the quran!) Satan invented sex so that’s all he can offer his followers, is lust and all manner of sex perversion.

@Kuna Vitu Sipendi ako horny as fuck , mtoe kutu rasa chief

Learn to differentiate between real Christians, Pagans and atheists. Ukisema Christians you are putting everyone of us into a box. Some of us are not religious. Religion is a big scam anyway.

The only person who overcame sexual sin was Jesus.

Makofi maradufu kwako

From age of 13 to 30 years is blank, nigga fucked them jews

I agree with the last part

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Umechizi nini, follow the news

vie for a woman rep in 2027

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