Christiano jumps 8.39 ft to score a header. Beastmode

This guy is a beast. Jumping 8.39 ft for someone his height is unreal. Just watch the video. It says it all.

Tukiwa watoto tulikuwa tunaruka highjump mwitu na hatukuwa tunasumbua.

Si aende kwa high jump?

This means LeBron James is better because he jumps higher?

Messi: Wins record sixth Ballon D’Or

CR: but…but…but I jumped higher!

Yesterday in the Copaitalia cup final aliona muoto losing 1-3

I once jumped 10 metres high and it has never been recorded anywhere

He’s still a cunt though.

I dont trust that measurement…

10% body fat? Yangu inafeel kama Tullow:confused::confused::confused: