Christianity and their clownshow.

Personally I am a non religious person but I believe religion is an important aspect of any society. Sasa look at this clowns, this is the reason that makes Whites say Africans have low IQ (which is true anyway). If I were to be religious, I would be a Muslim because Muslims have an iota of decorum, order and devotion. Shida ni 90% of them are terrorists or terrorists sympathizers.


Napia hawapendi vajaina, nyege zikishika anaenda cattle shed, anavua toja, anatoa josto anatomba ngamia

Why is religion an important aspect of society?

Someone needs to keep the sheeple in place,can’t have everyone as hardnock running around

I am an atheist. If I was to become religous, better Islam!

An atheist wouldn’t lean on any side. Defeats the purpose of being atheist if you’re to join the party, No?

Religion is a good control tool for the masses. Imagine if everyone in Kenya would be self aware and demand what they deserve from the thieving government? That’s why need to be told that it’s better they suffer on earth and then they would be rewarded in heaven. Works like charm. Bonobos wanakula shida ka nonsense while their taxes are being stashed in Panama, Cayman Island and other places.

Hizo church za Nigeria ziko na vituko kweli kweli

Atheists if you need to argue with christians , you need to understand the bible …

@patco @Jimjones

True…Religions are great for society but Religions have a trend of cherry picking from their holy books for unholy agendas… That’s why they avoid certain Books and verses but insist on a limited rotation of content which support their intended narrative…

for instance , Christianity portrays everyone as wazungu but the bible itself says Jews and Jesus were black (rev 1:14)… Ingine inasema sons of ham were negroes , so Canaan and Judea was black… This simple fact should tell you Christianity has an agenda away from the bible …no ?

Furthermore …the bible doesn’t mention Christmas and other christian holidays …hizi ni wazungu walituletea… and they have pagan origins from the greco-romans …they are part of Christianity not the bible…this is actually not allowed if we were to check in the holy book…hope you guys get this

If religions want to be authentic, wafwate holy books zao 100%…

I’m not a member , their bible study seems legit… Everything from the bible …jisomee ujionee verses…

Yes, it appears from Revelations 1:14-15 Jesus is black.

By the bible , Jesus alitoka Judea …who were in hams lineage… This is according to the bible…not @LuandaMagere … Jesus was sent to Egypt to hide huko…we established Egypt was black , evidence still from the bible…

When Moses was left Egypt & went to sijui Canaan…strangers would call him “the Egyptian…”

Again : naweka hii evidence hapa purely for bible study readons …it’s your choice to follow their Israelite org if unataka…but for now tuangalie evidence…