Christianity and sex

Nowadays, there seems to be a new breed of Christians - those that confess to be saved but surprisingly still live in sexual sin.
In the recent months, I’ve had a chance to copulate with two saved women. One is a youth leader. They swear that they are saved but when I ask them how come we are having sex, they say its just a temptation and they pray that they will overcome.
I also tried to box another saved girl and she played along quite well until I realised that she was hungry for money- hussled me for cash twice and my motivation died before I could feast on her when I realized she was just but a kunguru. Not the holy girl she portrayed to be.

I also remember people like Bishop Ng’ang’a, Kanyari etc also had sex scandals. So is the temptation so big or is it that sex is now not considered such a big sin in the church? Is it part of contemporary Christianity?

Ata picha ya box

ata yesu alisema be the first to throw stones… shit i am not even religious but seems like you throwing stones


Mimi sijaokoka bado.


What the hell is sexual sin?

Sex outside wedlock

Before the whiteman we did not have that nonsense ati wedlock, monogamy, sexual sin that’s shit

In this case I’m referring to Christians. Those that accepted the white man’s religion.

According to the Holy Bible, one of the roles of the devil is to tempt the children of God, so usishangae sana.

Vpi boi wa githurai

Kwanza hii nonsense ya harusi…

girls get horny too

Mimi kitu najua, don’t ever judge anyone along religious grounds, eti ni mtu wa church ameokoka sijui ooh choir, mama wa kanisa, pastor, bishop… HAKUNA! Ni mtu na tabia yake, fisi au kunguru, church kando. That’s personal and it doesn’t change much in one’s character, except for hypocrisy na kuvalia ngozi ya kondoo.

Confession; i once i hit a female pastor kienyeji fulani sijui vile ilihappen lakini ive got no regrets. Hadi wa leo nikiona hao watu mimi huondokea mbali sana ilibidi nimghost baanae

Huwa mnanishangaza sana. Si ata hao ni watu with bodily needs like u heathen sinners. Nyinyi ndio wale mafala who sink into depression upon realizing your wives are being munched by their ex-boyfriends or work collegues. Hizi vitu hufanyika, cha muhimu ni ujue where exactly u stand when the music stops booming

Sex should never be criminalized by religion, state or anybody else!!! Mimi hata nikiwa pastor siwezi kufa dryspell na maku ni nyingi zinahitaji servicing.

If you want to fakk up some young girls life kabisa, rely on her religious convictions to keep the both of you from screwing. Wewe. Chunga sana. You will screw. Vibaya sana. I think there is something about religion that makes sex a very appealing thing to try for girls. Ukiachwa mahali na msichana wa kanisa uanze kumtongoza anasweatianga mpaka kucha, za mikono na miguu. Anashake tetemeka shivering kama ni fever. Ala! Anasweat mpaka blouse inalowa makwapa. Ukimgusa tu kidogo umpige busu…


Afadhali hao malyfist hardcore party animals hao wanaeza kustahimili majaribu. Dem wa kanisa utakuja kufanya mambo na yeye hata wewe mwenyewe ujishangae.