Christianity and alcohol

Just one of those controversial / contradictory topics in the Bible. I would like anyone who thinks they are religious enough to quote me a verse in the Bible that expressly condemns the taking of alcoholic beverages. I mean, Jesus turned water into wine, didn’t he?

For the drinkers, let’s drink and fuck or fuck and drink - whatever order works for you. For the overly religious let’s pray, then fuck or fuck then pray - whichever order tickles your fancy.

Hapo umeongea ukweli, but alcohol should be consumed in moderation, too much alcohol will screw your liver

Everything actually revolves around moderation. Over eat = gluttony. Oversleeping = laziness
Even taking alot of water could land you into a health problem.


This is all I need. Hayo mengine ni maoni

Galatians 5:21

Is drinking a sin? What the Bible says There is drinking and then there is drunkenness. Kwa mengine machache, fuata link

I don’t think there is any verse that expressly prohibits drinking; but a boozer, especially an addict, is prone to sin more than a teetotaler. When one is inebriated, his self-constraint dips.