Christian Supremacy: Everything That's Wrong In Kenya

Yes. I’ve said it.
Christianity is taken to shit in this country and Raila was right in pointing out this supposed 'Christian supremacy ’ over Kenya’s political/leadership environment.
The same churches have gone to bed with the worst of the pack, sanitizing the lack of accountability from these people. They are the drivers of propaganda, giving out very intricate sermons and pictures in order to propagate an agenda of ‘God-chosen leadership’
We all witnessed just how well these “chosen by God” leaders ran the country.
Now the same face is back in church, appealing to a majority intellectually handicapped mass that he is a “David against the deep state”, that Kenya is a “Christian country” and that his rival is the embodiment of evil, witchcraft and ill luck.
The same churches:

  • are against marijuana
  • hold other religions (and denominations, depending on day of worship) in contempt.
  • try to sanitize poor governance instead of asking difficult questions.

It’s okay to be Christian, no one is challenging any right to be so.
But you can be Christian and use common sense.

Hii mambo ya Christianity anga this Christianity that will be your undoing eventually. Mnacheza na votes za watu predominantly above 40 who are not necessarily strict Christians but will take such a threat quite seriously. Baba is fucking up his chances everyday by allowing such talk to prevail amongst his supporters.

I agree, clergy need to be checked because the age of gods is an age of unparalleled Idiocracy.

Baba has the support of the cabal, that in itself is a no-no, nothing good ever comes out of the cabal

Are counties being run by Muslims corruption free? Cos that would be proof the problem is Christianity

I’m not too keen on a Baba presidency if his truth should cost him.
That’s the truth.
The good thing is that the upcoming generation is more open-minded and accommodative.
Kenya is for Kenyans, not Christians.

Nope, not at all.
Corruption is a Kenyan problem that requires morals and assertiveness to address. I’m beginning to believe that both of these are dead in our churches/mosques.
However, the Christian narrative that only they are more equal than anyone else is impeding the function of the state/law to address this.

What good has come out of a Kenyan Christian supported leader?
Which savior exactly?
I remember the last darling has messed us so much we want him to ‘finish and go home’

Yenyewe you have gone cerebral on us today. This is discussing politics at another level

Kibaki was a staunch Catholic, look and see what good he brought to the country

You are making an almost automatic assumption that morality depends on religion.

To some extent morality depends on the person belief of something greater than their personal interests.

Nope. my assertion is that corruption should not be blamed on one’s professed religion and individual corruption should not be used to condemn an entire religion

Was he “prayed for”, “anointed by God”, given a biblical name and all the other crap we’re seeing?
I guessed so.

This is long overdue.

I would rather it stay that way instead of islam being the predominant one. And I AM BEING ISLAMOPHOBIC here. Islam is a plague to say the least. Radicalized bonobos with their stupidity will reduce the country down to rubble. Just look at Nigeria or Somalia.
Christianity on the other hand, it only exploits gullible morons. You don’t see christians shooting up mosques and raiding villages beheading muslims in the name of religion.

True …shida is when morality is equated to adherence to specific religious rule-books

This is classical Christian-supremacist thought.
Kenya needs to be a secular state, a country for everyone.
There are good and bad Muslims. As there was Saint Paul for the good and Hitler for the bad.
You’re busy pointing out Somalia but fail to see that these are the results of entangling statecraft and religion.
Corruption, terrorism, social decadence, tribal bias and prejudice, suppression of rights and freedoms and so on.
The church or mosque or temple shouldn’t be a voice for propaganda when it comes to politics.
They all fuck up.

The church shouldn’t be in the forefront in sanitizing immoral individuals for leadership.

Fighting Christians will be Baba’s greatest undoing. He will not prevail.

Obama was so adored by Kenyans but as soon as he tried to preach the g*y rights gospel, he was met with total rejection of his gospel. It completely failed to gain any traction.

Kenya is a majority Christian conservative country and will remain that way for at least two or three generations.

Fight corruption through the EACC, DCI, ODPP and the judicial machinery, not by bashing Christians.