Christian group raises over $500K for white supremacist teenage killer

why would christians donate all that money na wanajua this guy belonged to a terrorist cell ? …black people are really hated even in church…


I tell you these conservative Christians ni hippocrates. Anza na purple hapa. Its sad that he only killed caucasian La sivyo if he had killed blacks angekipatapata.

Kuna antifa niliona alichotwa na gari akapiga sommer mara kaa tatu kwa hewa akatupwa huko nyuma juu ya akina nattydread na gari ikaenda. Sijui kaa mliona hii.

Hio story ikanikumbusha yule mzee wa orange. Yule alifanyishwa split na prado machungwa zake zikiwa bado juu ya kichwa.

Enyewe siasa ni ngumu.

Saa si angebaki tu kwake akule hizo machungwa kwa amani akiwa na mjukuu kisha waone news kwa amani…

Saa kukanyagwa makagarry na kumho tyre ya prado?

Africans are so deluded about what being a Christian means.

Christianity = white supremacism
Islam = Arab supremacism.


Hippocrates of Kos, also known as Hippocrates II, was a Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. Wikipedia


hypocrites umeshinda

yani unajua tu ni hypocrite na unaenda through all that search trouble just to look funny. smh

Well at least someone’s laughing at my lame jokes.

Abba here’s something that’s bound to trigger you. Kyle’s mom reportedly received a standing ovation at a Republican women’s convention.


only you


Political commentator.

Hio vita was between two groups led by racists. BLM was hijacked by white far-left liberals who are burning and looting while using black american’s plight to shield themselves. That 17 yr old far right racist just shot his fellow white far-left racist.

When the mzee with oranges wash hit by a prado he asked for donations but the ODM supporters refused to help.

One can draw a comparison with the case above. Two soldiers on the frontline of bullshit politics.

It was self defense, kill or be killed.
But the media had to label the boy a “white supremacist”

our boy is okay