Christ’s moment of atheism

In that moment of crucifixion when Christ calls out “Father why have you abandoned me?”, for a brief moment symbolically, God himself becomes an atheist, in the sense that you get a gap or distance there - a truly profound moment that suggests that mankind’s separation from God is part of divinity itself.

Peleka >>>>

How come Jews are not Christians? Let them come and tell, wewe keti ——————>pale

Kunywa maziwa

The unrelenting all manner of gospel bombardment that the world has suffered for the last 1800 years… It is a “miracle” that we have non Christians at all!

Religion happened when a con man met a fool.


Thank you for pointing that out . Jesus must have been the greatest conman of all times nowonder the crucifixion. Jesus is said to have been short(5’4) and no one love power and influence like midgets and short men.

Who measured his height?

Stop your blasphemy

What is blasphemy?