Chris Watts:Men who look harmless are the most dangerous

I’ve never tried to understand anything like what happened to this family or to this guy and 3 years later I still can’t understand what exactly changed in this guy he looks like such a good husband and father. Only God knows what is in the hearts of men.

Only God knows what is in the hearts of men and Women … kwani huyu mtu alikuweka baridi aje

Looks like a very awkward and dry man. It even says on the video. Whoever the family are.

I don’t know of any woman who has done what this man did. Wanaume ni sumu. Even a small drop can finish you. The best solution is to keep off COMPLETELY.

These story always seem to have the same trajectory. A man starts having an Affair. Then he kills his entire family to be with his mistress. It’s like having an affair as a married is a direct invite to Satan. Chris Watts. Chris Coleman. Chris Longo.