Chris Watts hates Christmas in jail


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[SIZE=7]Chris Watts ‘Hates the Holidays’ in Prison, Says Source: ‘He’s in a Hell of His Own Making’[/SIZE]

The Colorado man is currently serving a life sentence for killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters
By Steve Helling
December 24, 2020 10:59 AM
The holidays are rapidly approaching, but Chris Wattswon’t be celebrating them.
Watts, who murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters in 2018, will spend Christmas and the New Year in protective custody in a Wisconsin prison – and a source who regularly speaks to him in prison tells PEOPLE that Watts is dreading the upcoming holidays.

“He doesn’t like talking about his life before prison,” says the source, “but he has said that he used to be a huge fan of Christmas: decorating the house, spending time with family. And he knows 100% that it’ll never happen again, and that it’s his own fault. He’s in a hell of his own making.”
“The prison has a ‘Christmas dinner,’ but it’s basically bland turkey and potatoes,” the jail source continues. “It’s not exactly the feast you’d imagine for Christmas. In a sense, that’s more depressing, because it reminds the inmates that it’s Christmas and that they’re getting an inferior copy of the holiday.”
RJ Sangosti/Pool/Getty
On August 13, 2018, Watts strangled his pregnant wife, Shanann, in their Colorado home. Then he drove her body to a job site at the oil company where he worked. He buried his wife’s body and then smothered his daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. After pleading guilty to the murders, he received a life sentence.

Authorities said Watts committed the murders because he was having an affair with a co-worker who thought he was already separated. In the days before the killings, Shanann Watts reached out to a friend and shared her growing concernsabout her marriage — but never suspected her life was in danger.
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Chris Watts, at left, with Shanann Watts
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Watts, now 35, has a Bible and several family photos in his cell. Other than that, he will spend his time corresponding with a handful of penpals – mostly women who wrote to him after he was sentenced. The source tells PEOPLE he spends a lot of time reading and writing letters.
“He’ll write his penpals this season, and they’re sending him notes, as well,” says the source. “It’s literally all he can do at this point. He hates the holidays.”


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Why is he complaining? He still gets to eat turkey at Christmas, just like millions of people all over Trumpistan. Just that it won’t taste as great, and his wife won’t be serving it since he killed her.

This guy has too much media attention and it feeds his ego. Every phone call, every letter, every thing he says is under public scrutiny. So the guy actually feels like a diva. He’s already making money from a book in 2 years. He has several girlfriends, who write him, send him money and visit him. No wonder he is so entitled. He has not realized that its only bcz he confessed that he is not on death row. This case is so unique because he was so clean and so docile, he was the poster child for the nice guy. I doubt if he had ever even been drunk in his life, then starts an affair with his workmates in 2 months he’s killed his entire family. True crime junkies are still flabbergasted by what he did, all criminals usually show signs but this guy did not even have a parking ticket.

The way the media is treating the story is irresponsible and disgusting. Looking at him, I find myself enraged at the way he stares into the camera insolently, like he’s some sort of hero, wearing that prison uniform with pride. I think if the general public was the one that passes judgement this mofo would be long buried.