Chris Rock - Selective Outrage

Either the grumpy years have set in, my cholesterol is too high, or I really don’t like boring stories about rich kids.

I’m I bugging or does this special just suck hairy balls? I cracked a half smile for the entirety of ‘special’. Long azz shaggy-dog stories with no punchlines.

Take out the swearing and it almost would’ve been a sermon.


do not trust the homosexual above… chris rock buried them geeehs

It was quite boring, no wonder everyone is just talking about the last 10 minutes. Yaani this guy had a whole year to create content for his “special” then came up with that boring shit? Unapewa $20 million ku-post upuzi, enyewe Netflix wako na pesa za kuharibu. I had to forward it when he started rambling about his daughters. Everyone’s afraid to say it, but it was underwhelming.

Exactly. The only bit I found mildly funny is the part about him having Summertime ringing in his ears. But then he went on to curse Will Smith out for like ten minutes that it stopped being funny.

The show was him making his political stances known.

After Eddie Murphy’s Delirious, the next fire standup was Kings of comedy ya akina Bernie Mac, Cedric, Steve H, alafu Katt Williams American hustle, Eddie Griffin’s Yes I said it. The rest have been mildly hot to horrendously lukewarm.

Dave Chappelle is good too.

Yes I said it is hilarious.

Comedy fans here you go

Chappelle is mo than a comedian

I don’t find Dave Chappelle funny.