Chris Kirubi

“It took me many months lying in bed, sick, to believe that God is most powerful. And its a shame we always go to God when we need Him.”

Kwanza anirudishie pesa yangu

I read that interview and the only thing I could decode is that the dude doesn’t realize that money is never enough. He is a mbirrionaire but he wants more and more of it (read greed). At his age he should be somewhere in the Caribbean on a private yacht with a few kungurus.
Not in some office or a stupid board meeting.

Banae, sahii ungekua na pickup

I’ve realized that most old people who are idle during retirement, die fast or develop poor memory problems like Alzheimer’s.
That’s why it’s better for old people to work like everybody else rather than be idle sitting in a yatch somewhere.

Who says he is going to be idle? He can have so much fun going to New places, meeting new people, experiencing new culture.
There is so much fun and life out there compared to sitting in some boardroom. He deserves it.

He said he feels better when people call him mogul rather than thief!

Is Kirubi wealth legit? Yes it is legit so I call him mogul, what about you?

Kenatco rings a bell, how’s about uchumi? Seems you are very young

Do you always have to remind everyone you meet that you are old and “experienced” ?:rolleyes:

And yet you are a govt. retiree who hasn’t achieved much in life?!

The highlight of your existence on earth was spending two weeks in the U.S… two weeks!!

And because you spent two weeks there you are today the expert on Americans and America.

He is rich because he spends time in that “stupid” board meeting running his businesses.

Now if he spent his money in the Caribbean with thieving kungurus he wouldn’t be rich he would be like you : very broke and complaining, about nonsense.

Kirubi is a thief and made his wealth illegitimately .Greedy people do not know when and how to stop .Just look at the Kenyattas .

Kirubi is an experienced thief and he should spare us his lectures. Let him die in peace.

:D:DGovt retiree???:Dyou assume alot Patricia…alot… and about America wacha tu nisiendelee… people have alot of misconception about me…

Kabisa akikamua the last 3 litres ramaining

Good thing that God “blessed” him enough to afford those expensive doctors who cured him :slight_smile:

Preferably in pieces