chris kirubi

Sickness is a hindrance to the body, but not to the will, unless the will consent. Lameness is a hindrance to the leg, but not to the will. Say this to yourself at each event that happens, for you shall find that though it hinders something else it will not hinder you ~discourses of Epictetus

Boniface Mwangi ameamkia yeye pale twitter.

you don’t fight a man when he’s down, ck needs love[ATTACH=full]162584[/ATTACH]
enyewe ni mgonjwa.tumjalie mema


Aliingiza kijiti shimo mbaya…hehehe…but it is never a good thing to wish someone mabaya

Such a low blow from Boniface . He may be right on whatever claims he has but his intellect dropped into negative zone when he equated it to ailment .

Cheap shot.

Except hiyo sentence ya mwisho, ako sawa.


duh,ameisha aje

Mwangi ameonesha a bitch move kumshambulia mgonjwa…

Kuna unwritten rule kua haitakiwi kumshambulia mgonjwa au marehemu,maana hayupo au hana uwezo muafaka wa kujitetea!

Bwana Mwangi kaniangusha!

Very tricky situation… Does he have kids.

Waah, ni kubaya.

Kirubi akiona hii tweet anapumua ya mwisho.That is a very hard tackle.I hope this will not be kept somewhere to be used on the writer in future

Yaani msee anavaa padded jacket ndio aongeze mass, looks like a bag of bones. Truelly pride comes before a fall. Wapi ile maybach yake imsaidie.

Capital FM watashambulia hii Boniface.

Let’s not act like bitches in love here, lest we forget how humans act before their rich oppresors.

Whatever Bonface said will be echoed by lots of kenyans if Kirubi died today. He spoke his heart but many share the same opinion only that they aren’t influential figures.

Hii ni Kaposi Sarcoma Mzae alikua amenona vifunny.

Very fair comments, if you asked me.