Chris Kirubi was a good thief

Much as he stole the capital from parastatals in order to set up his empire, you can say that he took that capital away from inneficient, corrupt organizations, and put it into efficient private companies that employ thousands of people and enhance the Kenyan economy significantly. If Chris hadn’t did what he did, some other honcho would have stolen that money na angejenga tu flats which only offer temporary employment and don’t really add to the Kenyan economy.

hii ni mtu ya tanga tanga…

Sema tu you are supporting this thief because he is a KIKUYU like you, wacha nyef nyef mingi za maongo. Explanations and excuses.

It is people like Kirubi who have pulled Kenya backwards since the Kenyatta era.

The monies these guys used to loot could’ve built Thika superhighway in 1982, but instead the cash was looted and stashed somewhere in European banks. Hio ndio seed capital yake for his businesses.