Chris Kirubi and Nairobian trying to hike lanye prices

Kirubi gave “only” 10k per session



Nothing. Just means huddah was paid 10k. Ni ceiling imewekwa for appreciating services rendered.

Nilishangaa kusoma story flani most of the so called richest people in Kenya don’t pay more than 10k per session.

Not per shot, but per session.

Mimi nlikuwa nadhani hao slayqueens wanalipwa more than 50k per shot.

Inaweza kua 10k per session but what the guy has spent on fuel,food,drinks,accommodation,gifts labda na shopping wakiachana a lanye sees it’s worth it

Nope. I’m friends with people who worked for him and he was the stingiest of motherfuckers in this town.

Slay queens were better of trying to squeeze a shilling from an Eastlands @Sokwe mtu than from Kirubi.

Uongo, a certain ex-safaricon CEO used to pay 60k and covers Uber to towns as far as Nanyuki on top of 60k

As far as pre-2012, a certain presidential hopeful used to pay 20k

So please don’t be enslaved by your poverty when thinking

Wewe ukiomoka usiharibu bei pia wewe. Masonko wamesema bei ni 10k :smiley:

Kwani wewe pia unauza haga? How do you know all that?

@Sokwe mtu hananga kakiru, labda siku yenye ametoka kuuzia @uwesmake kunyi.

Malisaa hio nguruwe

It’s not poverty thinking, but paying according to the market rates.

In fact, 10k is very generous.

Just because somebody is a birrionare, it doesn’t mean that person will overpay.

Ukienda kununua vitu supermarket, bei ni ile ile ukuwe birrionare ama peasant.

Malayas shouldn’t be any different.

I knew your bloodline is poor …just not the mind

Naskia ile lanye ya Mukhisa ilidai 1 million, daktari PNC ilikuwa imeingia akasema no way…

Cheaper to hire a hitman

Lakini Mr. Orengo nasikia hutembea with giant wards of cash on him for ze ladies.


Alilipa vitu safi very cheap


No simping. Kwani who is the prize in that equation of Kirubi and a slay queen? They should be the ones begging him for an hour of his time. All rich men need this attitude


Chris was a Talker

The rich are stingy and understand the value of money. There are wash wash guys who splurge on their targeted victims as part of grooming. Abel Mutua has spoken about this severally.