Chris aka Makena Njeri changing women like underwear

Have y’all beaches seen her latest catch? Huyu amezidi Diamond.

Christine Makena Njeri is perhaps the most famous lesbian in Kenya.


In a nutshell …

Her troubled past with her family is now thought to be the reason she was pushed into homosexuality.

Her father was not only violent to her mother, he also used to cheat on her as well. Makena even used to bump on him in Nakuru town with different women. Her father’s actions made her hate him so much.

Makena found out that her mother was secretly taking HIV/AIDS medication and that sad news broke her heart and totally changed her life.

Makena’s mother died in 2013 and she chose not to speak to her father for two years until 2015 when he was on his deathbed.


Although her mother died in 2013, Makena said she was still going through stress due to the bitter past.

It’s thought that her father’s alcoholism, infidelity and violence is what caused Makena to hate men and pushed her to be a lesbian.

Despite outward appearances , this 35 year old lady is a broken , tortured individual covering up her pain with promiscuity…

She can never have a normal s*ex life until she confronts and overcomes her internal demons …

Hehe, you’ve intimated to elders that you’re good at exorcising demons. Invite her to your clinic.

Thanks for the heads-up. I was wondering why she chose that route.

Sir …

I heal the sick and provide Human Health Service Solutions …

I do not perform miracles …

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Yuko tu sawa.Wewe ndio you need help in keeping your nose out of other people’s bizz.

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Wewe @rexxsimba if you looked for reasons to surport some way ward behavior utakosa , ukianza vitu like my Dad never gave me. Ahug , aliniita mjinga when I was growing up etc , by jioni itakua Kwa streets ukisrma how the world is unfair.
Iyo proposal ya house arrest Dio therapy Ina faa , hapo Kwa iyo list ongeza capote pia , izi nyef nyef za wazungu ziishe. .

Ata ukuje na handles mingi kama rangi za rainbow, hii upuzi ni yenyu na sponsors wenyu

@TrumanCapote :

I have no doubt that you will weigh in with an appropriate well aimed response to that sentiment … :D:D

You know nothing can separate me from the love of a junguus. I love them too much. Even Owuor can’t cure me.

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Who is this stud currently tribbing with now? I was out a few weekends ago somewhere & I crossed paths with Ntalami wakiwa na Fena Gitu, they very much looked like they are rubbing crits tugeza.