Choosing between a husband and a career

Women obey your husbands, so let’s say your parents told to choose between your career and them, who would you choose, assuming it wasn’t an illegal or immoral career. Si you would be like my parents have lost it but women do this for men and marriages. She was married 18 years and he gave her an ultimatum. Him or her career. Now you can understand why Waiguru left her husband especially black men feel threatened by your growth. If a whole governor can tell Lillian not to work or do business what of a nobody? All the women who let men hold them back from their dreams I’ve seen lived to regret it. Don’t force a small man to fit in your big shoes like Gabby Petito. This guy moved out with everything. She came back to an empty house after a work trip. Hizi relationships Jameni you are so spiteful to each other mpaka it’s scary.

Am a good man. Some years ago I intentionally broke the heart of a lady I loved coz she was planning to give up a fully paid scholarship in the US because of me.

Wow. One in a million pussy patrol. I have never understood how you say that you love someone and you don’t encourage them to be their best. I can’t imagine the burden of 20 years later thinking how I’m the reason why you never made it in life. I was in love with someone who wanted me to quit school to be his wife and he had the wherewithal to gimme a good life but all I could think was what kind of a person would want you to curtail your self development to be with them? Even if you are just doing anthropology it’ll contribute to your growth as a human being. Me I have never had that pathological attachment where I would loose myself to be with someone. I am such an independent person. Once I start seeing the relationship is now interfering with me I start withdrawing kwanza emotions just die and I start seeing other people coz btw men are half the population so I don’t understand what is this that is so special about you that I need to quit my education and my job and my family and friends and move to your country and stop doing my hobbies and living the life I have lived since when I was a child . I don’t even do that for God sasa wewe ni nani? Human beings can be very unreasonable. I have learnt the hard way bcz many men are actually control freaks but they mask it as love but I am just so fiercely independent that vile nitakuacha ukianza hio upuzi utashangaa. Nikiona tuu dalili am like baaasss here is a psycho coming to control my life, I will switch off and disappear so fast you will be left reeling. I am so cold and calculating when I see you are trying to spoil my life and my happiness. If you want to micromanage someone go look for a child. I hate that thing with a passion. Sometimes men ask me if I don’t love them or why is it that I am not micromanaging them and I am like treating an adult like a child isn’t love its pathology its being a psycho. It is nonsense.

:D:D:D hapo kwa micromanaging naelewa. I have dated a lady that was used to insecure men hadi she believed insecurity is love. She used to give me her phone to go through and kept asking me why I was not worried that she might be cheating. I

Hio story ya giving up on career for love breeds resentment ingine mbaya sana in future when the level of love goes down.

But what was your gf thinking of leaving a scholarship si she’d come back ama she was afraid you’d move on with out her? How was she living before she met you if you are even more important than her education? I don’t understand this worshipping of people in the name of love. Actually it is a mental illness and these same people are the ones who end up killing you coz they supposedly can’t live without you.

I can never give you my phone. I don’t need a phone to cheat. People have sex over lunch hour and they have separate Sim and kabambe at the office which you can’t track and it never leaves the office. Some people even cause a ruckus over kesha it’s like people can only cheat at night. If you are so insecure it’s bcz you yourself are a cheater. You can not be always be thinking of an evil you are incapable of. That is why good people are usually naive. They think everyone is like them. Sincere and straightforward. Why should you always thinking how you are being cheated on unless you yourself are projecting hidden desires to cheat?

This is indeed a complex topic, and individual choices can vary greatly based on personal circumstances and values. It’s important for anyone to strike a balance between their career and personal life, and it’s not always a binary choice.

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Ultimately, the key is open and honest communication between partners to find a mutually supportive path forward.