Choosing A Car.......... Niko Mombasa doing window shopping.


Am searching for a Car,

Between Mazda Cx5, Mercedes C200,… Subaru Forester was not on the radar but after checking them they seem a solid car.

Around 2.2m Budget going downwards… But I have to say, the Mercedes is on another level ukiwa ndani… Yaaani gari unatoshea vizuri sana. Today I have been mesmerised by Mercedes. But problem with Merc is ile udaku itatoka after buying it.

People perception will drastically change na unajua us living in a small town rumours spread so much, my bro n best jamaa are against it kabisaa, all are for Cx5 Petrol.

One guy I was with during the day, also suggested Forester to which they look good i must say.

Benz - All around feeling is out of this world. 2.2m
Cx5 - Looks, Practicability, but very lousy interiors, very basic. 1.8m
Forester - Not bad, good interiors, good price in general 1.8m

All cash prices.

Your suggestion wadau. Remember am now a single boy, no family in the foreseeable future thus 1 man car…


Let me add to your confusion,angalia pia Mitsubishi Outlander

Decision matters on what kind of use you will need from the car…town driving or some off tarmac driving? If off tarmac…sahau Benz…consider luggage space…forester is out…check out the outlander,compare with the cx5…

Venye mzito amesema hapo juu.Mitsubishi outlander iko sawa…does off road and also town driving, while screaming ‘class’…also more space .a buddy of mine an engineer anabebanga hadi simiti nne kwa boot akienda small one cent though

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Bentley bentega…

Hio ni gani?

Simiti nne ni kitu?

Add subaru forester xt to that list…

Google bentyga acha kuwa lazy

Wewe fake Arab…my main point was not simiti nne…the vehicle is spacious enough to accommodate all your handles to say the least

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Hii ndio nyinyi huendesha kwa base ya Jaba? No wornder hujawahi kuwa VS

Naona ulikuwa makupa showroom,Benz
Import vanguard for 2.2 m

I have never had a car that couldn’t carry a double door fridge

So I am shocked such a small boot space is celebrated

D-Mungai is playing small league cars.

Here I thought anakuja kuuliza budget ya 5M+

Personally, I’d take the CX5. Pretty good build, nice add on features, good on fuel. That Mercedes is pretty but the first pothole you hit will cause 5 error codes and you want know where to start.

Waah good choices zote

Toka hapa na your loser Toyota vibe

Mercedes kama si AMG or Brabus ni meffi tu.

Chukua Subaru na umalize hii story. Very reliable car. Hautawahi shinda kwa @Makonika

Also, So what if people talk? Si pesa ni yako, unadhani usiponunua watanyamaza. So fuck em and what they will say and just be you. Your happiness comes first

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Definitely .that ‘A- ya 94’ need to stay fresh:D:D:D

Subaru is the new Toyota therefore meffi

the cx5 has some very positive reviews, for me if i could afford managing a benz i could go for it without thinking twice