Choose Your Prostitute

You pay 500K+ for dowry. After that, you pay maintenance fee+ shopping for at least 50k monthly yet you end up getting lousy sex. Maybe once a week na ile ya “ukimalize nifunike”. But she generously gives the cookie to the bodaboda guy or her boss. You are there because you want to be respected by the society. With 2k, i get a proper massage and she rides me like nonsense. CHOOSE YOUR MALAYA!!!

For the record silipi dowry… Bibi ni anipee watoto wawili ama watatu halafu akifikisha miaka 40 namruhusu akue malaya… Before that akinicheza narusha nje nabaki na watoto or I let her stay but never have sex with her again. Na ntakua natombana nje bt never at home…


otek small

mbona munaharibianga mabibi jina

It’s only pathetic men who believe that prostitutes are banging them enthusiastically

Says a man who spent 1.5 Million shillings on downtown prostitutes.

Very elaborate!

Ghasia @Kodiaga nyinyi ndio mna overpay for coomer. Bei tulikubaliana 500 kama umesonga.

these guys who chew lanyes have cracked mental health,. mbona mnadai kuturecruit.? kufa polepole bila kusumbua

watu waishi maisha yao. me niliachana na lifestyle ya @Starscream . so if i want nifunike ukimaliza sex leave me be

morality and mental health first. nikiskia ati i need 2k/ sijalipa rent unaingia blocked list so very fast

Leta link ya huyo wa 2k

:D:D:Dinformative pictographs

So the Malaya your dad choose is your mother? Ama?

They insert something to numb their vagina to avoid feeling pain bcz of the heavy traffic and they use KY jelly bcz they feel jack so they can’t lubricate naturally. The rest is just acting to make you a return customer coz your ego was massaged by the fake psyche.

Misuse and abuse of a photo of a pawpaw. Hii ya Tyre nayo???!!!

Uliskia wapi:D:D:D:D
Kuna mabibi wanajua game!!!
Unaandaliwa na unapakuliwa kisha unaulizwa kama umerithika.

Oye Mathe niaje?
Kwa maoni yako, je, unaona huo mtaro wako uko represented kwa picha gani hapo juu?

A systemic recruitment into the G. A. Y battalion by MGTOW fools like @Kodiaga. A veiled persuasive message for the boychild to abandon family values. Next utaskia why need prostitutes company when you can enjoy fulfilling relationships with your fellow men?

:D:D:D:D umetuma nicheke karibu nimeze taxin

Hehehe. Those few pictures narrate a painful story. A single image speaks more than a thousand words.