Choo za Ukambani

Where every drop of water counts

This is the way to go mkuu.

Nearly all washrooms za Japan Ziko ivo or are being changed ziwe ivo

I also support it. It’s a brilliant idea. Actually, all water closets should be abolished. One holds up to 15 litres and all of it is just used to flush away pool from a single person. Recycling laundry water to flush toilets should be encouraged

A village Commissioner should be knowledgeable on different measures of conservation.
This is way to go. Tulisema urudishwe village chief

Hio nimekataa.

Unakataa aje? Kwani @ChifuMbitika = @Meria Mata ?


Hapa si senate

Give that plumber a medal

Wewe nitakupiga risasi

Mwambie haiwesekani


Kùhana atia chifu

Gutiri kauru brasa

nataka hii iko na seat warmer

Hii ni Kali mzeiya. But why would you need to warm the seat yet you sit on it for only two minutes?

Kama hii July tu taking a shit is some uncomfortable endeavor na hii baridi, imagine winter sasa.
Some of their toilets also play music ndio usisikie next door occupants business.
Napenda vile hawa jamaa huwa wame over engineer every little thing in their daily lives.

reading meffi news sounds right while in the can:D:D:D

Mnasemanga okambani wat of Western ?kisii and nyanza .those are mud house infested areas and they shit in banana forests .

Quick question. What happens when the cistern fills up from the tap water since the in-flow does not seem to be regulated.