Chomeni makaa kwenu

Muchome makaa na mu harvest sand kwenu…wakikuyu mume zoea ku over-exploit watu na mazingira sana[ATTACH=full]156761[/ATTACH]

tutachoma msitu wa mount Kenya tuone nani wataumia zaidi,wakimwaga ugali tunamwaga mboga

Uza migwa pole pole.

Na tukitoa Kismayu tupitishie hiyo njia ya Garissa Mwingi shida iko wapi?

Devilition na ukabila itawamalisa


Makaa si Sapere wanachoma… Hao ni wanunuzi but hakuna mahali wivu itawapeleka…


No need to burn, the counties around mt kenya should just pass a law to declare water from the region a resource for the sole utilization of the residents. We the residents are restricted on the amounts of water we can utilise for irrigation for the sake of the people downstream

So tuseme they want use all their charcoal and sand :D:D ujinga. This is business and the buyer is at a position of advantage since he can buy elsewhere

Fyi masinga dam borders machakos

Mnanunua makaa sijui 200 alafu mnaenda kuuza sijui 1400 nairobi hata kama ni business hii mna over exploit watu

Being a Kikuyu is such a tough affair,but I will remain one till death.

I would never like us as a Country to go that route no region is self sufficient.
What the Kitui County Government should be doing is control the market by having something like a " charcoal union" that will address their concerns the environmental degradation and economics.

Yeah but the water comes from?

Factor in the risk of getting it to final buyers… You are such backward character who cannot understand business… Jealousy… Jealousy is your second name… Cold changaa

The 1000/= is lost in transit from local county officials to akina @pamba on the road. So both buyer and seller get equal share. But if the sellers can try the rough biz, let them try. It takes a kind of tough to manage it.

What about the dame in the environment due to over exploitation of their natural resources?

Hio ni swali gani unauliza??

Assuming that is the standard price of makaa, how about environmental damage of over harvesting of trees amd shrubs ?