Choma reloaded? Man cooks his amputated leg, serves it to friends at party


A man has revealed how he hosted a brunch party where he and his friends ate his amputated foot.
The strange story has caused a stir online this week, after the amputee told all on Reddit - and shared some pretty gruesome photos.
Going by the Reddit name IncrediblyShinyShart, the man posted: “Hi all, I am a man who ate a portion of his own amputated leg. Ask me anything.”
He then went on to discuss how he had damaged his foot irreparably during a horrific motorcycle accident and was told he would never be able to walk on it again.
Opting to have it amputated, he asked the doctors if he could keep it and they said yes.
Religious laws in the US give people permission to retain amputated body parts so that they can be buried whole.
After signing some papers, the man was able to take his foot home.
Three weeks later he was preparing for a very unique dinner party, complete with apple strudel, chocolate cake, mimosas and the main attraction - foot tacos.
He said: "So my friends and I always had this joke, if you could try human flesh in an ethical and healthy way, would you. And we always said of course.
“Well the opportunity came up and I called them on it.”

He invited 11 people to his unusual event, saying: “We doing this or what”
10 guests agreed to attend.
The foot was marinated overnight, then sauteed with onions, peppers, salt, pepper and lime juice.

He served it on corn tortillas with a tomato sauce and described the taste as being like buffalo but chewier.

Out of 10, he rated it as a solid 6.5, saying it was “better than a regular hot dog or burger” but not as good as “butter seared sea scallops”.

It was all too much for one friend though, who had to spit their mouthful out into a napkin.

“They apologized but it was too funny for me to be upset.”

Later the man held a funeral for his foot and after serving up some of the meat, the rest was cremated.

so was it a brunch or dinner?



This story is wrong

Hannibal reloaded, kama watu huuziwa maziwa ya wanawake wakunywe, sioni ubaya hapa.

Brunch ni nini?Jibu haraka alafu ni delete hii comment kabla watu waone wanichekelee.

BReakfast plus lUNCH.
What you eat around midmorning in lieu of breakfast and lunch.

Fake story uongo mtupu

I have always been curious. How many sausages can be made out of Vera Sidika’s behind?

Crazy stuff.
For those who browse the deep Web hebu search ‘serving humanity’
Hii Dunia imeshafika point of no return.

Unless unapenda sausage za silicone

Jisas!!! Just saw the ngori pics on imgur…hii mguu:D:D:D:D:D now,how to post without upsetting sensitive folks of the firenj:(:confused:

I see nothing long here as he had made them aware in advance they were coming to feast on human flesh.

blunch, matamuchi is what the other guy was asking about.