'Choma dynasty'


if the government is lawless, why expect the citizens to act any different?

Bodaboda guys are too volatile. Na unapata wao ndio wanaflout rules na ukimchota anaitana. Upuzi na utapata ni huyo boda alitoka bila kupeana warning

There is a time hawa watu walileta hiyo upuzi to a badman. The guy alifyatua risasi kwa hewa na nduthi gang waliscatter kama shiet. Those guys only come in crowds and gangs.

Maybe amekuwa akiuzia watu fake spare parts from China halafu wanapata ma accident on the same road…

Just like you @Sambamba if you con people using the server and then your two bedroom in valley arcade is robbed or catches fire who will you blame?

Ni pata potea.

Hapo dawa ni kustrap na ukichota mtu aitane unakimbia police station usishikwe mataani

Sio police station?


But come to think of it, petrol station pia ni sawa…no sane human being will attempt to torch a vehicle at a petrol station

Yes, no SANE person will.
Hizi ngombe huwa level ingine, otherwise what was with the choma dynasty chant… That is dangerous

But come to think of it,are bodaboda idiots sane?

Gun ownership is a must.

This shit ought to be brought to a fcuking end.

Hustler movement is unstoppable. Hii ni kionjo.

Ukigongana na msee wa boda NEVER stay on the scene. Kanyanga mafuta mpatane police station.

Boda na dere wa mathree wote walipitia Holigan and reckless driving school

Bonobo huheshimu bunduki sana

Wacha manyaru bana, bunduki sio console ati Ina restart

Now that is propaganda, there would be plenty of videos out there if people were indeed chanting “China dynasty” while burning that car

Bodaboda guys have been burning cars for the longest time, it is not something they started doing in 2020

You probably haven’t visited a shooting range so stay in your lane.