chokosh wa bahari

Happy new year billionaires. In my endeavours of kunukisha kitunguu,I went over to coast on thursday and was done with the job by yesterday.
The new year was ushered in style and it was a double blessing since kitunguu kilinukia and I was celebrating my birthday(not that I am the first to have one).

Sasa leo kitu saa tano nikaamua kutembeza gwado paleeee nyali beach,the weather was fine,na nikaonelea ningie kwa maji nichape ma backstroke,ma underwater nI cool down. Biggest mistake of my life.

By that time,bahari ilikuwa imehama,and I didnt ask myself why despite being a holiday,at that time why the beach didnt have many people,na wale walikuwa,they were lying on the edges of the ocean.

I picked up a convo with a solja who happened to come from kimich kwa uncle and enquired about something I saw inside the ocean akaniambia eti it was a ship wreck of 1950s, ni kweli @Meria Mata ?

Nikaona ananienjoy nikaamua kuruka ndani ya maji.

After five minutes hivi nikakanyaga kitu kama mwiba nikasema haidhuru,mara ya pili nikakanyaga nikasema atsi kari vai,mind you I had ventured considerable distance into the ocean but my instincts told me all was not well.

Kuanza kurudi nikakanyaga zingiine kadhaa since I was halfway swimming and halfway walking,on reaching the shore my feet were itching and upon looking they were scaly na majamaa wananicheka.

I spent the rest of the afternoon removing those scales,but enyewe did it have to be today?

Upon enquiring niliambiwa sijui hizo vitu huitwa vidunga ama whatever and wakati maji yamehama its not conducive to venture into the water dont know why.@meria mata,@mabenda 4, nimegugu nikaona ni hii tagataga inaitwa sea urchin[ATTACH=full]76205[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]76205[/ATTACH]


Pole bro, those things are painful, Alafu Pia Hua kuna blue jerry fish hio ikikusting unawashwa for 24hrs


Na hiyo story ya shipwreck

hapo kwa beach kunakuwanga na watu wana hire open shoes za ku stroll kwa maji .


next time buy zile open shoes zinaitwa crocs ukienda beach

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Hio ni Hekaya, guy took you for a tourist but I will find out more about it if it’s there

Years ago I had a similar but painful experience at pirates when I had hosted an afternoon bout of fun for my new catch; a momorific mamacita. Half an hour and few meters into the sea I was at the peak of convincing my new catch into distributing what she knew best when I felt a sharp pain on my chest. Little did I know that the animal was making maneuvers across my hand and even stung me further. I pretended not to feel the pain but five minutes later I was hurting like crazy… I had been beaten by a blue jelly fish! When I could no longer hold the pain I crisscrossed the waters like a crazy sucker and ended up at a kiosk at the beach and took five doses of mara moja. Thinking the pain would easily go away I played cool with my catch acting all remorseful and urging me to go to hospital for I was swelling heavily. It took the intervention of Google when I came across a similar issue featured suggesting I apply baking soda. This helped the pain to subside one month later and instilled a phobia for the sea waters… can’t advise anyone to plunge themselves into the crude salty sea waters.


Sea Urchins make good Sushi in Japan.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hehehehe @introvert come kidogo. Letea VS jerry-can kidogo :Do_O:eek::smiley:


VS, karibu jerry fish.


Yakufungua mwaka, Ngai it’s the 2nd of Jan, by Dec sijui nitakua na Tata ngapi



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Waalimu ni wengi sana huku, kwani ni composition mnamark?


Wanakutakia mema… Fungua assembly plant ya Tata.

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Nyali beach hakuna shipwreck, I’ve done the entire stretch from pale barracks to pirates on a glass boat, huyu alibebwa tu kama tourist

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Wewe labda ulienda Nyali Beach Ya Nyeri…ship wreck iko…FYI - Pirates to Barracks…bado hujafika Nyali Beach…

Good glad sikubebwa ufala,and yes what I saw was between nyali beach and pirates. now mind to explain more and is it true public arent allowed near it

pole mbro:D:D:D:D @Meria Mata nawewe nahizo njerifish zake man