As I reach the end of my life, I can’t help thinking that @Azor Ahai is obsessed with me, based on certain remarks he’s made on my threads. Remarks about my eyes and my confidence.

Now that the end is close at hand, my thoughts inevitably turn towards the relationships I’ve had with talkers. Homosexuals like @poyoloko I just couldn’t get along with. I also wasn’t on speaking terms with Pascal Panay, aka @Baby Panay, the mongoloid son of a bishop.

But I also need to remember that @chap might be the real stalker here. Besides speculating about my sexuality, he’s also expressed feelings of arousal.

At times like these, with my vision going blurry, I also can’t help thinking that some sadistic admin hired that witch – @TrumanCapote, to pollute the cerebrum of other talkers with her lengthy misspelled diatribes. Has this woman ever seen the inside of a classroom? To my great suprise, I learned that she had. Georgina Makena was a student at Kiangoma Girls High School, which explains why she can neither spell nor get her terminologies right.

umafwi thread

Uwes, nimekuona kwa threads zangu zote ukizungusha kinyambis yako kubwa.

Bado hauja-commit suicide?

Tulikuwa tukuje kwa mazishi tukule pilau, tukuzike alafu tukutombee bibi the very same night.

In fact, you will be forgotten after 24 hours and life will go on.

Bado. Some idiots insulted me nikaamua ku prolong the inevitable. I decided to stay alive a little while longer niwafunze discipline kwanza

bibi yangu ni @poyoloko. Tombeni yeye kinyambis. Malisaa iyo uber driver threads ya rectum.

There is peace in death my friend. Death is a honourable thing; nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. Trust me my friend n try it.

There is pleasure in @poyoloko’s ass my friend. Nothing to be ashamed of. Try it.


I don’t like jokes about suicide, having lost a very close friend. If you are going to do it then go ahead utuondokee. Not everyday evoking memories hapa with your attention seeking antics. Kubaff!

weka live stream banae tuone

Wewe shoga nani ameongea kuhusu suicide? I merely said I’ve reached the end of my life. Maybe I’m growing old. Or maybe I’ve been bitten by a rabid dog. Meffi wewe mcoondu ya @TrumanCapote

Bado unakula bundles.

"Later, fuckers. I’m too much of a pu**y to swallow all these meds at once. Nameza kiasi kiasi. I’ve already swallowed 7 Haropenidol tabs. "
Wewe tunakujua. Salimia Esau ukifika mahali pema peponi

Pssy a** nigga. Attention-seeking he.

Kufa ghassia *2


How I’m reading this thread.


Yesternight I felt the grim reaper attempt to cart me away, but I swung a left hook at his head.

On these social media streets, I came across a certain preacher and his words were… Life is God given and only God is omnicient/omnipresent. The devil never knows what you are thinking, whatever negative thing you mention or write on social media, you never know who is reading and their influence… Once you write that you want to take your own life, the devil will commission one of his demons to ensure that he pursues the assignment to completion.
On the other hand, it is not that you want to take your life, you feel that you need to live another life that you consider better than your current state. Therefore taking your life is not the solution but setting goals to move towards the quality of life you consider better.
Unfortunately, getting there might require hard work, changing (some of) your current habits…