Chokoch wa Nairobi Anaeza Ponea Shoka

The judge has suggested that because the issue of governors being barred from office after they are charged is in the court of appeal, he may not be in a position to pronounce it as a bond requirement. He has given an example of a judge who found himself in trouble for ruling on a matter that was in supreme court. Huyu mjamaa nikaa ataponea, ama mnaonaje?

Two more nights behind bars, hadi Wednesday 11am, when his bound issue will be determined, residence, industrial area.

Let him see the state of the jails in his county.


Wishful thinking. Sonko probably spends his nights in Runda. One of his cronies probably takes the roll call for him every night. Welcome to reality.

Fools think he is really going to sleep on the floor in inda amongst sweaty, smelly, not bathed for 9 days petty thieves and shit on the bucket kwa corner. And the other thing, let’s say he is guilty and the 200+m is recovered. Do you all think it will get back to Kenyans? Amkeni asubuhi ilishafika banae

Kenya kweli hatuwezi saidika. They said the same for waititu. If Sonko is guilty wacha alipe. Whether hio pesa itafikia wanjiku or not is a battle for another day.