Chira Mano... Chira!


Hakuna kitu kama chira, it has never been biologically proven:D

Explain the meaning of ‘chira’ only insane or possed men could do such evils acts !
Tuheshimu wezetu !

Chira is that fable where u just feel sick, unakonda mpaka unaisha na hakuna ugonjwa uko nayo. Its a self inflicted stigma which eats your guilty conscience after you have committed a taboo and you’ll end up dying, just like that.
Its all in the mind

In our mijikenda beliefs you can chira a kid by simply sleeping out bila kuoga ukuje ubebe mtoi… That katoi kanakua weak na kukonda

Hio headline Jo!
Ati Dead Girl told journalists.

There’s journalism in the afterlife too or the reporter is a necromancer.:D:D

Population would have dwindled due to the high number of infant deaths we would experience .

Katari munyamu.