Chips Funga Reloaded

The weekend before last, I went to a really cool nightclub, popular among working millennials, with a buddy. While my pal & I are trying out some Nigerian dance moves I spot this brown chile in a shot red dress with a massive ass & her two female friends dancing a few metres to my left checking us out. The way her derriere was shaking I could tell she either had a thong or nothing underneath.

To my surprise guys in the club were just ogling at her from a distance. Nobody was making a move. Unable to contain my urges, I slide to where she is Kao style. I stand facing her then dance in sync. She smiles. I tease her. She reciprocates. I stretch out my right hand. She places hers on mine. I pull her closer & turn her around so I can grind on her. She is totally receptive.

The lady in a red dress turns out to be a passionate dancer. As we are dancing she puts her palms over mine, moves them to her boobs then squeezes them. Mara she takes my hands to her hips & inner thighs moving them all over in circulation motion right on the dancefloor. Like a good boy I explore the curves on her body with my hands as she directs. After a while she then turns to face me. Our foreheads touching. We kiss deeply, oblivious of the staring patrons.

All this time my little man is doing a dance in preparation for a major gland to gland combat. After a steamy dancing session she requests that we move to a quieter area so we can get to know each other.

We move to an unoccupied couch on the outdoor section of the club where we cuddle. Her name is Ciku. Apparently, she is a medic working at some government hospital nearby. Ciku shares with me intimate details about her life, childhood, family, career & relationship challenges as we make out in between.

Impressed by her intelligence & frankness I make the fatal mistake of opening up about myself. As I tell her stuff about me, her emotions change visibly. It’s like every word out my mouth dried her already wet vajayjay little by little.

Suffice it to say, I went home ALONE nursing massive blue balls.

We met the next day for a date. That’s when she revealed that when she first saw me she thought I was a spoilt brat & a fuckboy. However, on talking to me she discovered that I’m actually focused & have my life together hence developed a new level of ‘respect & admiration’. Ever since she has been heavily hinting that we should make it officially ati because she and I are ‘perfect for each other’.

Her words were like a dagger through the heart. Yaani I cockblocked myself. I demoted myself from being a one-night-stand lay to a potential boyfriend simply by opening my freaking mouth. This little incident reminded one of the cardinal rules of landing chips fungas , “Let her do the talking, stay mysterious.”

Anyway, I went out last Saturday played my cards right this time & ended up going home with another crazy hot mama. At least nimekill swara and got content for the next blog.

Masaibu ya z-lounge. Piga huyo dame bol, namjua.

Hehehehe, I liked that Chile you had in your show, she is into deep voice? Can you ozil her to me.

:eek:You’ve met her?

Hehehe if it’s the chile I’m thinking then I had a short-lived fling with her soon after. I haven’t talked or met since then. Sijui alienda wapi!

:D:D:D, Sawa tuu.

Isokay, isorait

Kama haukutomba huu umeandika ni upuss.

next time effdense ni ya maana

Mchele mcheleeee alikuhepa vile aliskia unaishi kwa mathako!

People actually go to z_lounge?

Z-lounge ni wapi?

Z-Lounge iko wapi

… Okwonkwo

Nikumbushe jina ya hii movie.

:D:D:D Kali sana

Hata kama ni blangeti tu.

Behind citymall

she’s not a medic. ma-lier

Ma nurse hawakuangi wame soma ma dunder head. Niliona mean gragraya ku join nursing school it’s D Plain