Chips funga gets better with age?

I remember when I was a 21-yr-old, horny as hell, boy. Ningeenda dunda, see all these chick in minis and booty shots and naturally that ish drove me crazy, and I’d spend the rest of the night trying to chips-funga one of the PYTs with limited success. 5 year down the line, Unless I know you whole family tree and you have Vera Sidika’s ass, Hudda’s face, and you smell like sunshine, there is no way I’m chipsfungaing you. But, I now have chicks offering to come home even without me asking. Whenever I hang out with older friends, guys in their 40s, it’s even crazier, this guys have young pretty chicks hounding them left right center. Even our resident Maumau veteran @FieldMarshal CouchP is getting laid at 88. Is it matter of young women being attracted to older loaded men? Did chicks became ‘looser’ over the years? What’s happening?

Pesa my fren!
Wacha complications mingi. They can smell success

Sponsor craze.
I asked one PYT why they fancy old men and she told me she got no time for relationships with clingy young men who want to monitor her movements 24/7.
An older guy will treat her, load her with cash, bang her for less than 2 hours and not bother with whatever she’s up to for the rest of the following week.

Why do you refer to your younger self as a hill billy… Kwani wewe ni mzungu mweusi mshamba?

Ata mimi hii phenomenon imenishangaza. They are literary tripping over themsleves to get the attention of a 30+ year old dude.

nimekuonea huuukooo 18 my fren…:D:D:D

I once chipod a very hot woman in her 40s. Very polite,nice voice and good in bed. The experience is unforgettable.

umenirudisha mbali nikitomba madem wa mmust

Everyone one here is a birrionaire, dates hot women who are good in bed, and drives German machines. Ichia ppthhhoooo

Money my fren, Money.

There’s something I’m not doing right.

I wonder that all villagers chipo hot women too.

:D:Dlike shaving ama?

A man is,as hot as his wallet - PERIOD!

If you see my reach hosband and I utaelewa kweli love is not blind, its money that blinds. Wen a woman chop her hosband money, manze aphrodisiac! You start feeling all kinds of turned on.

Nikitoka shopping especially frivolous stuff heh hata kama mood ilikuwa mbaya. Retail therapy is,real.

Nothing turns a woman on like a reach man. If you think women love bad boys, try being a,poor bad boy and there’s a reach fella twice your weight and age who is loaded. Ndio utajua haujui. She will drop you like a,hot potato.

Chips Funga psychology I dunno but I know reachness transforming an old,fat frog into a Prince ! Women yearn for security! Men for youth! Hio ni evolutionary biology!

Ati smell like sunshine oxygen, carbon, neon, nitrogen, magnesium, iron and silicon. Wacha ninuse pilau

Is it rich or reach?

Reach sounds better! Rich is ambiguous. Coffee is rich! But a reach husband is one who reaches into his deep pockets,reaches high place. He’s reach.He has reached. Language is for communicating so whatever communiCates a concept! It need not be grammatically correct its not Grammar 101 but it started out as an inside joke that went too far.

@GeorginaMakena I Hope upewe CS from Meru uwache propaganda mingi.