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Why I slapped the wall of latrine today :smiley: :smiley:

inakaa wewe haujui the difference between anime, manga, manhua, american comics… fyi I don’t do any.

siku utameza mchele ndio utajua hujui

Ulifikiri umeangukia kumbe umeangukiwa. Eti chips funga?

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…ukiandika ukuta ya hiyo latrine na meffi;

“Mututho wa kk took a dump near the pit hole?!” :eek:


True, I don’t. The fact that you actually know the difference proves my point.


You have yet to learn about staying safe while clubbing, with time you will my friend.After undergoing some nasty experiences…


A cousin suffered the pilau fate two weeks ago.Alienda pub pande za bypass Ruiru akawekewa mchele after which he gave out the phone ,ATM cards and other valuables.That was on Saturday night.Sunday morning kila mtu Kwa phone yake akatumiwa message copied below,

Morning,kindly mpesa me 2000 will refund later in the evening…its urgent please.

Mimi huyo nikaokolea cousin kumbe SMS was sent by the lady who spiked his drink since she had my cousin’s phone and all the credentials .So many family members sent him the amount thinking ako Kwa Shida.Woi later I tried calling nikapata simu is just ringing .It was reported to the police station who tracked his phone to Githurai .Later (Sunday) he woke up and found himself in a building under construction and he couldn’t tell how he got there.
P**** costs money d*** is free.


Last weekend, we watched Arsenal vs United game in Mbukaki, Kiambu road. Then we decided to go to Natives to watch Madrid vs Bilbao game.
Weee the ratchetness kwa hio club wacha tu, then imagine a Guy comes from nowhere, hatumjui, ati ‘tukona madem extra tuwapee?’
He told me that himself, to me it was a bit weird nani hupeana madem kwa club. I said hatutaki.
Told my friend, akanishow uyo ni mwizi.
First time nimeenda natives in 2 years.
Uko mchele ata unaitiwa, it seems



Ayayayaya! :eek::eek::eek::eek: what strain of pilau was this? Pole kwake wah

Mchele si jokes. Back in 2009, my 2 friends went to Babadogo for a drinking spree and ended up in a keg joint. Ile kitu walijionea hio siku, I’m sure hawajasahau hadi waleo. Their drinks were spiked most probably by the waiter and they ended up walking all the way from Babadogo to Kariobangi South in heavy rain. Ushawahi ona beshte yako ukakosa kumtambua? Our building at that time was just by the road and I was chilling by the balcony when I saw 2 chokora look-a-likes covered in mud from head to toe and with no shoes. Kuangalia vizuri ndio nikaona ni my 2 friends. Hehehe ushawahi hurumia mtu and at the same time unaskia kuangua kicheko? I repeat again, mchele si jokes.


You should have known better why your colleagues were just chilling out.

were you to go back to her place or yours? If you were ok with the idea of going to her place then sooner rather than later Nairobi will teach you a tough lesson. Be cautious and suspicious always. The saying “Free Pussy is a Myth” should be at the back of your mind. If you see you are not giving anything raise your guard


Sure, your point proves that you’re a dolt. We had a unit for that in campus. I studied, did the exams and was done with them. That was 5 years ago

boss hio si mchele hio ni kukunywa pombe fake , mchele unachew inside 5 minutes .


Did they go back and report the waiter?

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Neither of them could remember the exact location of the joint. Ilibidi tu wakubali wamecheswa :D:D:D

Walitembea for long, yaani mtu atoke Baba Dogo hadi Dawanol ateremke River, Bangu hadi rounda kaguu, pole kwao. :(:(:frowning:


Nakwambia. Walipoteza kila kitu mpaka viatu and you can imagine how unhygenic that terrain is. Ilibidi waoge na dettol and get tetanus shots.