Chinkus oddsey to space: Mars journey

These squint eyed pigs are allover… ndio maana Murica ame-bambaika ivo



great achievement for them but with the continued mars exploration can we now be getting videos rather than the pics, hata kama its just a bare desert? ama that would be asking for much; haziko mob kwa net !

Good stuff. The sky’s the limit. But the typical American doesn’t know or care where India is. Can’t put it on a map- will tell you it’s in Mexico. Or they will tell it’s a salad dish. Let alone China. I never understand the comparisons or references.

You are a dim eyed orangutan not an american.
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I have never claimed otherwise. So I don’t need your rhetoric.

Useless mofo heshimu @Simiyu22 . Sio Rika yako …

Simiyu22 is quite brilliant, and is one of the most balanced posters in this forum. Kudos man!!!

I always call something good or bad when i see one. @Sokwe mtu ako caliber ya akina @Motokubwa .cant compare with Simuyu. Sokwe next time tafuta someone of your level.

Na mi niko caliber ya nani?

ile handle yako ya kitambo ya @M2Random had a higher caliber …hii ya saa hii iko na pertaining issues to be worked on

sawa mteso

mimi ni bigwig mteso mchinka, brare fukin

They have better photos that NASA. Lakinin mbona kunakaa kumelimwa na tractor ama ng’ombe followed by grading/spreading of soil?

Receiving the videos and processing them here on earth will probably take long. Remember with that distance they are probably using the simple modulation format and as a result low bit error rate but takes long to receive data.

Najua unataka kuingiza ‘angle’ ingine hapo:cool:

There is less atmospheric gas and low atmospheric pressure on Mars surface. Plus there is no water or wind to weather away rocks