Chink copes and seethes over Bantu expansion.

Na bado. :D:D:D. @BantuSupremacy. @Sambamba Tell your fave Sino overlords na bado.:D:D:D.


It is an insult to the Black community. The Black man had to be a stepdad aka he is not good enough to be a biological dad - just a walking ATM.

The racism with these slit-eyed morons is quite on another level

Nah ,this is propaganda against the blackman.
We’re not Stepdads TF?Disney is pushing some stupid agenda.

Our expansion involves us spreading bantu genes not raising non bantu kids like cucks.

In fact ,Black people are more pissed about that propaganda than the Chinese.


Hakuna bantu expansion yoyote hapo. That stupid black man in the ad is just wasting his time raising another man’s family. He will never perpetuate his seed with that woman and will ultimately die a slave never to be recognized by those kids and having none of his own to continue his heritage.

If this is the nonsense you are celebrating, then you are even more stupid than the chinese on twitter, because this is not an insult aimed at the chinese, it is an insult aimed at you black men. You are being told you are of no more value than raising another man’s family. You will have no family of your own. You will never reproduce or spread your genes. You will die a slave to some white single mother somewhere. Congratulations

My bad :oops:

Western media companies like Disney have a history of being racist towards blacks.

Shida iko wapi mwanaume akiingia game ikiwa 5-0?

[SIZE=7]everybody is racist towards negroes… tulifanyia hawa watu nini ?[/SIZE]

A lot of cultures don’t like dark skin around the world.

I don’t want acceptance ,just power.

Whether or not you dislike my melanin doesn’t matter.

We should aim for more power and resources for the black race to protect ourselves from these racists.

Africa is headed in the right direction… ata bibilia inasema hivyo … For instance , Congo wamesema minerals should be processed in DRC , thats a sure sign …this also means your bantu republic’s finances are secured , si unajua huko ndio bantu HQ…



Africa was once full of powerful kingdoms ,From West African Kingdoms like Mali and Songhai ,to Nilotic empires like Nubia ,Bantu Civilizations such as the Kingdom of Kongo or Great Zimbabwe.

We produced ,warriors ,scholars ,the richest man in history and so much more.

Our Return ,our renaissance if you will ,is unstoppable.

An African Golden age is on it’s way very soon.
It’s inevitable.