Chinja ua..Liverpool vs Man Utd

Noma sana. What I miss in zis game are the fans. They are usually very very charged. Hyping ze game.
Ni ile ya @Chinja ua!
Lack of fans will most likely result to an upset.
My prediction:
Liverpool 1-2 United.


Liverpool and Manchester would rather die than sell player to each other.

Liverfools inakamua njegee za @Wanaruona

Juve, inter muoto saidi

Wacha kadebe. Ndio hii skwodi. Leo tunafinya mtu.[ATTACH=full]345233[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]345234[/ATTACH]

Oh I forgot.
By ze way Swara @uwesmake kaa mbali.

Block him until further notice.:D:D:D:D


Hii nilionea 18, ka- draw

Noma sana, lakini that starting 11 inanipea stress.

tunakimbizwa kaa baiskeli ya kuibiwo…

Do or die

It is important in such situations to first verify which team @uwesmake is supporting.

niko nyuma ya Manunited


As I predicted