Wajamaa tumechoka na wachinku…wametuvamia na loans…halafu saa hii wanaleta mzigo at a cheaper rate…wamefungua maduka everywhere
How about we form a special Mungiki to deal with chinese. Shoka zitembee…and loot their shops

Unajua shoka inashikwaje ama in nyef nyef nyef tupu?


Will you bell the cat?

Xenophobia won’t make you succeed. There’ll always be someone smarter, younger, better placed than you to offer competition.

You want to chase Chinese so that you can import their goods and sell them to other niggaz for a higher profit. Can you see the irony in that?

Their goods come in with less tax…are not held at the port…hawasumbuliwi kabisa…i mean the ground isnt fair…otherwise hatuna shida na wao

How are they less taxed? Kenya gives concessions to Chinese?

Less tax? Care to elaborate?

Naona Akothee umeamua lazima kieleweke this time. Si uende pale Nairobi CBD na litre tano za petrol ujichome alafu tukasirike tupindue serikali?!!

hawa ni wenye wameandikwa kwa bibilia wafungiwe jiwe la kisiagi shingoni na watumbukizwe kwenye kisima.
can type but cant even tell their arse from a hole in the ground