Chinese trust us Nyeuthis too much.

Hey wanakijiji,
So, I’m working with this chinese in the Taru desert, its a road project.

Chinese has some odd jobs that for which he outsources the labor from the local community.

Sasa a memo was circulated last night among chinese community working/living in the 254 to be in “designated safe areas” identified by their mbosses in this coming week owing to the uncertain political nature of the state.

So, this chinese has some fencing job going on, that’ll run well into this coming week. Ergo, he has to have this “outsourced labor” working on site till Wednesday next week.

Our workplace, Taru Desert, isn’t among the “designated safe areas” , therefore he won’t be around on Wednesday to remunerate the labourers. He has therefore identified yours truly as the most trustworthy Kenyan around to entrust with the workers’ dues for the days he won’t be around, totalling to 98k, and has subsequently made off to “designated safe areas”.

Shiny eye in me is vehemently suggesting to perform a Houdini with the monies, but the reasonable side in me feels mercy for the hardworking durumas, alafu pia kuchoma picha with that chinese company, I have still not reaped enough, ndio kazi inaanza, na magendo itakuwa mingi sana.

Wanakijiji, here is where i need your input.

Who has a really sure avenue of zungusharing said cash to give some return in the few coming days? Surebets, forex trading, etc.

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Usichome ndichken juu ya a mere 98K.


Oh my goodness. Don’t do anything stupid with the money, please be faithful as there are families whose livelihoods depend on this salary. Shindwee!


Since some Chinese decided to eat their employees niliogopa hao watu.

Honestly, that you have even brought this here owing to your consideration, is testament to your miserable nature.
Go and sleep and pay the workers when the time comes.


98k ni pesa ya mkate.


98k. is that what your life’s worth?


Usisumbue mdosi juu ya 98k. Unless ni more than your income ya 8 months. ION: tafutia civil engineer kazi


just 98k? Really?

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That amount is too little for such a risk

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@uwesmake njoo saidia hii mtu yako. $980.00 dollars ndio anataka kuiba? :eek::confused:o_O

Hii tunachoma pale Club 40/40 ya Jay Z weekendi… :smiley:

Thou shall not steal.


no amount is worth your freedom…including freedom from your own conscience.


98k? Wakenya tuna shida and it’s not Uhuru or Raila. We are inherently stupid and miopic.
But my advice is Weka surebet. Double that amount, everyone wins.


Yes, 98 k or 98 million, the Chinese guy considered everyone else and found he could trust OP only. One’s reputation and clear conscience is worth something, no?


Well said

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Spend as follows;

50,000 bob - sportpesa
40,000 bob - bet in
7,985 bob - lotto
15 Bob - sisal rope.

Buy the rope first.


You should know the most valuable asset you can possess is honesty. It does not pay immediately but the goodwill is accumulated over time and you won’t believe where it will land you in future. On the other hand you may choose the easier immediate gratification and take away with a paltry 98k. How far will it take you?


Tumia hiyo 98k kununua ticket to one of our designated safehouses; manyani, kamiti, kingongo etc.


I agree with your sentiments that it’s not worth doing anything stupid, but you don’t have to use very harsh words…We are inherently stupid and miopic??…sometime just us cicivil language to impart advice. If OP was truly stupid he would not have brought it here, tungesoma kwa mharo news.


ionce was trusted na ire rorry ya petrori yao nikasema nitengenese jina na watu wa hio tao kumbe kulikua na arif na sikujua !! ile tai chi tuliskumiwa we ran to the police 4 safety na ngware wanakam kutubail out wafanye mrng practice