Chinese trust us Nyeuthis too much.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D this has made my night 

wachana na 98K. Hang around those Chinese uone vile utabahatika.
They dispose things at throw away prices na ukiwa rafiki utaangukia.
Juzi uncle yangu aliuziwa Voxy KBZ 250K na hawa wachinese wa kujenga hizo kambi za SGR.
Alafu they don’t joke or bargain. Akisema leta pesa flani ni hivo. but they don’t extend the deals to pple they don’t know.

98K ni pesa hakuna

I used the word ‘we’ for collective. We live in a country where honesty is a rare virtue. Point noted though.

We call it ’ Pesa mtoto’.

Kama ni one billion napita nayo kama nani 2022 nasimama gafana.

Ndio naona pia mimi wa house.

98 k haitoshi kumaliza roni rwa probox.

Pia haitakwamua pigsty, ilikwama kwa lintel…
Let durumas have their day.
We! Usianze za SGR…will give a hekaya one day of what happened this day…

kuna pesa zingie ukigusa Shetani wote huingia kwa maisha yako eg Rent, Fees na hii umepewa. Some families are looking up to that money, please don’t fuck them up. wachana na pesa and use it for it’s intended purpose. Hata hiyo betting unafikiria dont you dare, hapo ndipo mikosi yatakuandama kama zote

naskia kuna time @admin alipea monkey pesa ya salo yenyu akavuka nayo kisii mandizini

I’d have helped you. But send me the Chines’s number and I’ll send you a commission. true story.

98K that is stupid money to try contemplating such

Yes. True. Its such a meagre amount, plus it could be a test from the mu shaina.
Its not even enough to clear any of my teething peasant problems- car loan na peasant pigsty in 001.
I decided to repress the shiny eye in me and use the money as intended- to pay the workers.
Si hii siasa iishe kazi ifunguke?

very true… hold on in there… don’t try anything shortsighted . all the best

He doesn’t talk english.
He talks a special mix of gesticulations and broken english along withdiagrammatic illustrations on his palm with a pen that makes talking to him on the phone very difficult.
I always understand what he’s talking about…technically and socially. Thats why that Mongolid trusts my untrustworthy self.
Hata nikikupa number you’ll just be frustrated.
Happy Mashujaa day

Miserable, hehe, no I’m not miserable. Behewa

Murder not, the queen’s language.

We’re not inherently stupid, you blame our societal predispositions. Fuelled by a get-rich-quick attitude we all have.

Read my post, I’ve indirectly indicated that I was also surprised by the chinaman trusting me with that cash.
He’d probably be surprised that i’m even thinking of stealing it.
Myopic? No we are not.
Atleast, I’m not…why would I be building a pigsty and I’m not even 25 yet? Hata bibi sina


I’m confused. What are you saying ?

I am a Kenyan.
I am not inherently stupid.
I am also not myopic.
Work on your spelling.
Happy mashujaa day.

Pesa kidogo sana!
Run with that 3 months you will be near zero!