Chinese tells a chimpanzee the harsh truth

I keep telling you black man are at the bottom and not even a female chicken mates with a bottom feeder so why should black women be the ones doing it. Jungus all the way!!! These baboons can go back to wherever they came from with their retardation.

Turu are you free today?

Im never free unless you are white

Why would a white man want you? I understand you want them.

What’s with you and your interracial cringe?
Are you even dating a mzungu?

Turu do these whites only view black men as the baboons Ama black women are also viewed as such and if not, why?

I don’t agree with his generalisation, but it’s true there is a problem of wastage and careless living.


What about pure Arabs?.

@TrumanCapote ngozi ya wazungu hukaa ya chura

Don’t be mad, I don’t want a nigga that’s not contingent on what white men want or don’t want OK? It’s about me. What I want or don’t want. I don’t want chimpanzees, can you understand that? I done said it a million times here, I don’t want gorillas. Why can’t you just respect my preference? I don’t want black men, no offense to you, I’m just not interested. Do all black women have to want black men? Yaani is it a must? Doesn’t everybody have the right to want what they want? Just accept and move on coz there are so many women who want monkeys in their lives I’m just not one of them. Go where you are wanted stop forcing yourself on people who don’t want you. Like you can go to Kardashians wanapenda chimpanzee sana instead of getting mad at me for only wanting white men. In the first place how would you feel if a woman comes to you bcz she could not get what she really wanted? Is that what you want to be second place or a last resort? Then just accept it that I prefer white men, the day my mind will change yall will be the first to know. You can’t shame someone into wanting you if they don’t want you of their own volition.

No. Arabs are worse than blacks.

Capote wewe budako ni mzungu ama mama Dio ulikushow wazungu wako na mboro poa kutuliko?

If they viewed them that way would they be having kids with them?

My life my choice OK? You go look for a Bantu and leave my preferences alone.


Do you know how men work?
Men will fuck anything if you didn’t know:D:D


One ,I’m already dating Sexy Bantu women.(Kamba & Taita beauties)

Two ,you haven’t answered my question yet.

Are you even dating a mzungu or are you just aspiring to date one:D:D

I didn’t say the F word I said have children with, in a marriage goes without saying Mr Bonobo Supremacy.

Capote you’re black too. Vut at least kaweusi kako ni kale kakushine