Chinese Socialist Re-education Camps.

So all communist countries have or had these camps where they educated the citizens especially the illiterate, rural masses on how to be a Marxist socialist.

You had to denounce culture and religion and accept atheism and Chairman Mao as your new Buddha. Chairman Mao was now your god, your guiding light, your supreme leader. The enlightened one. His writings were now your new scripture.

Of course this wasn’t pure Marxism as put down in the book but rather socialism with alterations according to each country and dictator. For instance Jomo Kenyatta adopted a small version of what he called African Socialism and he even had Session paper 10 of 1965 passed to support it… well in reality he was just looking for a way to rule for life, and to entrench his dictatorship. So each dictator was trying to figure out how they could exploit this new thing called socialism.

And all these new theories including anarchism were born from the French Revolution just over a century earlier. With Democracy being at its infancy, everyone in Europe had an idea of what Democracy should look like in future and it was during that time that some thinkers came up with socialism.

Some talkers of course believe that the Chinese thought up socialism on their own. No they did not. They stole it , just as they steal all other concepts.

Anyway, socialist re-education camps were used to indoctrinate the masses into socialism. In China they still run these camps especially in Xinjiang where the Muslim Uyghurs clamour for independence.

Xi Jinping’s own father was a victim of re-education camps. Xi Zhongxun (President Xi’s father) was a very senior communist party leader and a founder of the People’s Republic.

Zhongxun soon started getting disillusioned with Chairman Mao’s brutal policies and even considered capitalism. He was purged and re-educated for a good 16 years in hard labour camps. He was later restored by his friend Deng Xiaoping who shared similar thoughts on a liberal capitalist market.

China today is re-educating the Muslims Uyghurs to drop Islam and become good colonized socialists. The Han Chinese are absorbing Uyghurs by force.

There’s a lot of mineral wealth in Xinjiang.

Here are two versions of the story from both the Western Media and Chinese media.

Mosques have been demolished, imams replaced with govt. agents, re-education camps and prisons erected etc the aim being to re-educate and colonize the 12 million Uygurs. 1 million of them are in re-education camps and prisons right now.

The Chinese govt. is kidnapping all Uyghur kids so that they grow up as Han Chinese. These small kids are locked up in camps as seen below for the rest of their school years.

[SIZE=5]CHINESE MEDIA/MOUTHPIECE. [/SIZE]From CGTN the Chinese govt. mouthpiece.


I support the banning of religions especially Islam. Look at highly religious bonobo republics like kenya and note the co relation with corruption impunity and outright theft. Our Dp is a very religious man