Chinese Scientists Create Quantum Processor 60,000 Times Faster Than Current Supercomputers

A team of researchers from China have created a superconducting quantum processor with 66 functional qubits which, when faced with a complex sampling task, was able to blast past even the most powerful supercomputers and complete it in just a fraction of the time. What makes the research so impressive is how it demonstrates a huge leap towards quantum primacy, a milestone in which quantum computers complete a task that is infeasible for a conventional computer to complete.


The team is led by Jian-Wei Pan at the University of Science and Technology of China, who have produced both this superconducting processor, and an alternative system that uses photonics, or light. To achieve quantum primacy, the team aimed to use ‘sampling problems’ as their computational task, which involve problems whose solutions are not just singular, but multiple random ‘samples’ along a probability distribution. With such vast potential outputs, it is possible to create a sampling problem that a conventional computer cannot feasibly tackle, but quantum computers can, and thus demonstrate quantum primacy.

Is it faster than the average ktalker cardio decline

This is nonsense and propaganda BS. China always “invents” but they never reach commercial production stage because they are crappy and low quality. Hot air.

Everything that the United Sodom had now China has X3

When is this technology hitting the market ?

Na huyu Mchinku atengeneze dawa ya mede kwanza.


Would never reach commercial production stage because either it would be too expensive to be viable or Chinks love the hot air that such projects and sensational headlines generate.

Yes including population which means they won’t rival us anytime soon

This is a very retarted started .America is powerful because of its population not anything else and China having 4 times the population means they will have an economy twice the the size of the US at half of its GDP per capita .

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Sijakataa they would overtake us kwa gdp na maybe gdp per capita sometimes in 2090 but one thing that I am sure of, China would NEVER match the US quality of life ever. And if they manage, Americans would be in another planet. I have been to China as part of a class tour and rural China is basically very African-ish. Kitu wameshinda Africa ni power supply (every household iko nayo), Internet penetration (hata mashosh wako na simu bana, probably state mandated) na water supply niliona iko stable. Otherwise the whole terrain and appearance unaeza dhani uko Kericho ama one of the highlands in Kenya. Also they are very highly mechanized. Almost every farm work is done through a machine, hata kama iyo portion iko aje. The cities are overcrowded asf. Unaezapata over 100 rows of identical apartments zimepangana tu karibu na njia. They have modernized but bado hawajafikia level ya US. Their ancient structures and places are impressive though. Pia wao wako na vibandaski na hawkers kama Kenya na some of the things you read happen in big cities like Shanghai, Beijing and others. Also Guangzhou looks like an African slum, Africans wamejaa huko ka shiet. All in all, I can say they are experiencing the America’s 50s prosperity. They can catch up with us wakiendelea na the same pace for the next 30 years (which is impossible juu they are experiencing low birth rates).

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